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Culvert Cleaning: Prevention over cure every time!

We’ve completed some preventative work on the M25 today. Megatron has been showing its power.

The issue was an almost blocked culvert between two large balancing ponds that went under the M25. The culvert was full of multiple kinds of waste.  It must have created a stench as well as endangering the M25 with potential flooding. With access away from the hard shoulder, our vehicles were able to park safely and our engineers, in full PPE, were able to tackle the job directly.

Dirty culvert 2

Clean Culvert


















Our engineers who were wearing chest waders and full PPE set to work. Firstly, the engineers set up sandbags to absorb the excess silt leaving the pipe on one side. They removed the grate, clearing away the larger rubbish, the plastic gloves, crisp packets etc.

Once the Culvert was clear enough, we could bring in the jetting and vacuuming equipment. Then our powerful tankers got to work!  Our Megatron super vacuum tanker handled this job adeptly. One of our 4000 litre tankers supplied the water.


Megatron and friend














The epic jetting and vacuuming happened:



culvert jetting


















The pressure was incredible! It’s easy to look at jetting and expect it to be that impressive. That this power comes from two tankers working together to provide sufficient water flow and pressure is a remarkable feat of engineering.

Once completed, our CCTV Survey operators send in the remote control camera to check for any remaining blockages and any damage that the culvert may have. Once we have established that all is well; our tankers return the waste to our site for full disposal.

The waste will be disposed of on our site. The waste disposal unit at Hydro Cleansing recycles up to 99% of the waste we take in. It is sieved and pressed and sieved and pressed until the waste is so fully compacted that it can safely be sent to landfill.



























We came, we saw, we jetted, we checked, we documented!

It’s a thorough and powerful job from Hydro Cleansing. If you have a similar issue, give us a call.

























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Our engineers do work shifts but Hydro Cleansing and our spectacular tankers are always working.

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Is it a job for Hydro Cleansing or a priceless art work?

However you feel about graffiti, sometimes it’s better to have a clean wall.

megga heat jetting














Whether the graffiti is world defining art or a lazy scribble is for you to decide. If you come down on the side of scribbles, give us a call and we’ll send our Mega-Heat van round to blast it clean.

Have you ever filled a pan with boiling water to let it soak? Why not set that boiling water to flow through a hose at 3000psi and see how quickly things can be cleaned?

It is an effective technique on a broad range of surfaces and issues. From theme park balloon rides, to restaurant drains, the steam power cuts through the chemicals and grease. Today, for example, one of our Mega-Heat Vans is out cleansing a man hole which is blocked by an unknown quantity of thick oil.

We can do a test patch to establish that the jetting won’t harm the wall, walkway or stone and from there clean away Graffiti, oil, paint, grease etc.
Mega-Heat is especially designed to: heat the water to 105 degrees C ; and jet it at 3000psi.

Psi is all well and good but the water flow is the aspect that is vital for successful Mega-Heat cleaning and jetting in general. Where there is access to a hydrant it is straight forward. If there isn’t access to a sufficient flow of water water we can bring a tanker filled with clean water with us.

Call us on 0800 740 8888 to arrange for us to clean up your streets.




The reality of Bazalgette’s Victorian Sewers – Confined Space Work

Ever thought that Confined Space work was cool?

Well you were correct, of course it is. Confined Space work involves a wide range of situations; from searching for tunnels in prisons to cleaning the tanks of ferries; from the egg shaped, brick Victorian sewers to modern Super Sewers.

It involves 3-5 people on a single job: someone at the top of the drain, tank, or hole; at least one person down in the space and a third rescue person, as a backup for the person at the top. The jobs are often more complex and require more people in the spaces.

confined space

















Sometimes the sewers don’t run smooth and some of Bazalgette’s sewer’s have had to be repaired with much less aesthetically pleasing pipework. We’ve been down surveying the one’s which has required this.

trunk sewerTideway









The Victorian structure will not have to take the full weight of London for much longer. The Tideway Super Sewer system will soon be in place and will take the load off the brick sewers.