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Shining a light on Joseph Bazalgette – The London Sewerage System

Being in reflective mood this morning, as Megatron returns to work, we’re remembering Sir Joseph Bazalgette.  He saved thousands of lives and created one of the seven wonders of the industrial world, the London sewer system.

One of the things that makes London extraordinary and Hydro Cleansing privileged to work here, is maintaining Bazalgette’s sewerage system. Championed by fellow engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Bazalgette was appointed chief engineer of the Metropolitan Board of Works, in 1856. He had the extraordinary foresight to allow for London’s population boom. It is the foundation upon which this 8.6 million populated metropolis runs smoothly and efficiently. The sewers are now operating at a level way beyond what they were intended for.  Innovations are being developed and should be built this year to cope with London’s continuing growth, in the form of the super sewers.

We have history beside innovation, our Megatron has been repaired and upgraded. Remarkably, we have a bigger reel with up to 45000 psi! It’s back, bigger and better.

If you’re only going to do it once, do it well, and maintain it! Are your drains going to last?

“[The principle, in building a sewer system, was]  of diverting the cause of the mischief to a locality where it can do no mischief. “

Joseph Bazelgette 1819 – 1891

Bazalgette Megatron2

Hydro Cleansing assesses Storm Desmond

Experts have estimated that Storm Desmond has already caused an estimated £500m worth of damage, with over 5,000 homes in Cumbria alone affected by flood damage. With more rain falling in the past 24 hours, local residents and businesses are yet again facing further chaos and disruption today. The town of Glenridding is underwater yet again, with a reported 66mm of rain falling, overwhelming rivers and leaving the town’s residents stranded.

Clean up efforts have been ongoing in the worst affected areas including Carlisle, Keswick and Cockermouth. However, many households are still without power and thousands of local residents are facing the possibility that their homes will not be ready to live in until the New Year.

With local authorities overwhelmed by the scale of the damage, Hydro Cleansing are providing support to the community in Cumbria by sending complimentary Road Sweepers and Tankers with crews from our depot in Croydon. Our volunteers have headed to the worst affected areas to removing large quantities of silt and mud that can cause further flooding if it is allowed to enter the drainage systems.

For the last few days we have been working alongside Cumbria County Council, DEFRA, the Police and the Army, utilising the experience we gained during the 2014 floods in the South of England, to ensure the best possible assistance is given.

With more rain expected in the next few days, along with snowfall and strong winds, emergency services have advised local residents to not take any risks around flood waters. A spokesman for the Cumbria Police has urged the public “not to approach or go near any flood water as it is extremely fast flowing and can be a threat to people’s lives”.

Please call us on 0800 740 888 for immediate assistance or visit www.hydro-cleansing.com for live chat.

Storm Desmond – Cumbrian Flooding

When Hydro Cleansing heard, and then saw the devastation caused by Storm Desmond in the North of England, we recalled the storms that battered the South of England in 2013 – 2014. During the floods last year, we assisted the local emergency services to ensure the safety of the public and get the damage caused by the flooding cleaned up as quickly as possible.

After seeing the devastation caused by the mass flooding in Cumbria, we immediately sent one of the newest Road Sweeper units in the country. Our Sweepers are capable of high pressure water jetting and removing dangerous mud and debris from storm lashed roads, helping to assist in the efforts to re-open roads to enable other emergency services to get to more victims.

Pete the Sweep

One of our volunteer drivers ‘Pete the Sweep’ assisting in the clean up process.

To help get people back into their houses as quickly as possible, Hydro Cleansing have also sent an 18,000 litre bulk tanker to pump out flood water in roads, drains, ditches and basements

Bulk Tanker

Our 4,000 gallon tankers are being used to remove flood waters

Local people are struggling for warmth and shelter and our drivers also need a break so our Welfare Unit will provide them with a place to sit, make a hot drink and a plate of food to recharge batteries.

Welfare unit

A warm place to dry out and recharge

 Hydro Cleansing are proud to say we have responded to this emergency with our state of the art vehicles, at our own cost and our drivers and helpers are donating their time as well.

Please call us on 0800 740 8888 for immediate assistance or log on to www.hydro-cleansing.com for live chat.