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Hydro Cleansing achieve FORS Silver

Hydro Cleansing are pleased to announce successful achievement of FORS Silver. Hydro Cleansing has always taken the safety of other road users seriously and it is rewarding to be recognised by FORS for standard of our Vehicle safety fit outs, Driver Training and internal auditing of our fleet systems. Hydro Cleansing continue to be at the forefront of the Industrial and Environmental specialist market sector and this adds to the confidence existing and new clients can continue to have in Hydro Cleansing as a brand leader.

For more information visit the FORS Website

FORS Silver Certificate

It is rewarding to be recognised by FORS for standard of our Vehicle safety

Landmark CCTV Survey

Over two nights were commissioned (working to exceptionally tight timescale) to work on Tower Bridge by a major blue chip construction company, to carry out CCTV inspections using Solo Pro and a mini cam to identify the:

  • Drainage layout relating to invert levels
  • Branch lengths
  • Pipe diameters.

To assist our CCTV unit, one of HCL’s Fleet of Combination units was deployed and when required cleared the gullies of debris and obstructions to allow for clear run of all the lines. Man and machine working in harmony.

Hydro Cleansing have now successfully produced the associated CAD Drawings relating to the drainage system of one of London’s most iconic landmarks.

The pictures taken by our in house team show yet again the capabilities of HCL’s team, both relating to manpower and equipment.

Yet again HCL deliver on time and within budget.

CCTV Survey van

Our vans are fully equipped with the latest technology.

Combination vacuum tanker

By having a Combination tanker on site we could insure the line would be clear to survey.

Vehicles working on tower bridge

Combination & CCTV unit working together.

CCTV camera survey

CCTV Survey used to produce CAD drawings


M25/M11 Closure and clean-up

Hydro Cleansing were called to a major incident at the M11 junction of the M25 at 12pm on 5/11/2015 by Connect plus the management company for the section of the motorway.

Hydro Cleansing vehicles including Mega Heat, a specialist high pressure jetting unit which utilises heated water to clean the toughest materials away, were on their way to the scene within an hour.

Our teams have been cleaning and removing approximately 24 tonnes of Lard from the carriageway. The lard is spread over a large area and has created a serious hazard by reducing the levels of tyre grip on the road surface. This has resulted in a driving surface akin to an ice skating rink.

Hydro Cleansing have had a team of 8 men working through the night in severe weather conditions. Hydro Cleansing have provided Welfare units and relief vehicles and continue to support the clean-up effort and those affected by it.

Hydro Cleansing is very proud of the efforts of our team who have performed beyond any level of expectation. They will not leave the site till the road surface condition is suitable and safe for motorists to use again.


Steam Cleaning Road

High temperature steam cleaning to remove Lard from the road surface

Lard cleanup m25

Mega-Heat and a Combination unit working together to remove 24 tonnes of lard

Removing Lard from the road

We have specialist equipment to insure that all contaminants are removed from the road surface