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One thing you should know about Fatberg

removal of fatberg from a kitchen

They are known as fatbergs. Some people wonder what they are whilst others assume they’ve got something to do with oil fat. Hoping to spare you the time from running a Google search. A Fatberg is believed to be a solidified blob or drop of fat and grease. This tends to end up in the sewer and mixes up with other waste items that are discharged into the drain.

A Fatberg is generally believed to be caused by residues of oil, fat, grease, dental floss, sanitary items and wet wipes. These items fail to break down as easily as toilet paper. Fatbergs attracted so much publicity, in an unprecedented moment of stardom during the 2013 blockage in Kingston upon Thames. The highpoint of the Fatberg incident in Kingston was that the waste removed which weighed about 10-tonnes, similar to the size of a double-decker bus.

Whilst you might be aware of the above, it is very important to understand that at present, a wet wipe is believed to be the biggest villain in relation to fat trap. In a simple manner, the flushing of a wet wipe is now considered to be one of the biggest causes of Fatbergs.

The one important thing you need to know about Fatbergs is not just the increasing impact wet wipes plays, but the fact that most of these wipes are labelled as flushable. Regardless of this message from wet wipe manufacturers, it is advisable to opt for the bin. As stated earlier, these wipes do not easily disintegrate like tissue paper.

In the words of Hu Shih: “And revolutions always mean the breakdown of old authority.” The old way of doing things entail the flushing of wet wipes. We do this without thinking of the adverse impacts it would have on our sewers. Wet wipes tend to make fatberg bigger and leaving us with the same old problem of an overflowing sewer. This leaves the government with no option than to rip out footpaths and parks to get rid of this menace out.

This is not just a tip of the Fatberg, sorry Iceberg- it is crucial if we are to prevent sewer overflow. At Hydro Cleansing, we are leading experts in Fatberg removal. Our super combination tankers can break down the build-up and suck back into the high capacity tanker.  Call us on 0800 740 888 for expert advice and a free quote.




Making wastewater count

Treatment of wastewater makes it good for drinking

Wastewater is apparently the least desired type of water in the world. When we are thirsty, we often opt for still or sparkling water. For our farmlands and gardens, we breathe a sigh of relief with the sight of rainwater. Rainwater is scientifically understood to be beneficial to the growth of these flowers and plants.   While our tap water, still and sparkling bottled water is safe for drinking, rainwater with its soft attributes- presence of nitrogen, absence of chlorine and hard water minerals, is believed to be more appropriate for outdoor watering.  This is akin to Johan Cruyff’s thought which goes thus: “Every disadvantage has its advantage.” Rainwater could be somewhat disadvantageous for drinking when it is not properly filtered but is beneficial to plants in its most natural state.

It is now important to get back to the much-maligned wastewater. We keep a manageable distance in the sight of wastewater from a sewer overflow. The livelihoods of fishermen are grossly affected in the event of storm water runoff, due to dangerous pollutants that affect the livelihood of fishes and other aquatic life. Wastewater is believed to be adversely affected in quality by anthropogenic elements- simply put, pollution emissions as a result of human activities.


Knowing how obnoxious and unhealthy waste water is, how then can we make it count?  This is the question that begs for more answers.  We will approach this answer by revisiting a thought by Wayne Dyer, which goes thus: “Transformation literally means going beyond your form.”  Wastewater in its current form is displeasing and fails to count in our daily priorities. As it gets transformed and changes to a more purified state, we take it more seriously as we fetch from our tap or purchase from the grocery stores.

Wastewater transformed for drinking is synonymous to gold refined for fashion. The process of transforming or treating wastewater takes place at three different levels. The primary level is also known as the mechanical treatment, which helps in the removal of gross and floating solids from raw sewage. The next level is known as the secondary or biological treatment tier, which sees the removal of dissolved organic matter. Tertiary is the final stage and witnesses a removal of about 99% of impurities from sewage, which leads to the production of drinking water.

Waste water has the potential to be a refreshing drinking water. At Hydro Cleansing, our aim is to be part of the change process. It’s a change process that sees the creation of something good from something perceived as bad. We specialise in emptying your sewer and channelling this wastewater along the lines of transformation. Contact our emergency number on 0800 740 8888 for free a quote.


The significance of drain inspection when buying a home

the importance of CCTV drain survey before buying a property

The significance of drain inspection when buying a home


When buying a home certain prerequisites have to be met. We look at requirements like proximity to train station, shops, parks and schools. A big determining factor is the state of the property that we are considering purchasing. We also place a prime focus on the amount of renovation and refurbishment that is required to be done. In some cases, we focus on the surface repairs or the cosmetic elements of the home. This perspective triggers us to contemplate on the colour and pattern of decoration that is required for the bedroom or front room. Whilst this is important, we sometimes ignore the important and less obvious issues. This is in line with Doug Larson who opined, “If people concentrated in the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.” Focusing on important things like the nature of the drainage system and the flood history of the property is very important.

Benjamin Franklin stated that: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This is in line with the argument that conducting a thorough CCTV drains survey before buying a property, helps prevent unforeseen cost that we might incur in the future. A complete drain inspection of a property helps us determine if the property has a poor drain line.

the importance of CCTV drain survey before buying a property

Signs of a faulty drain

On the surface level, there are few signs that could indicate the presence of a faulty drain. The first sign is a slow flow rate of dirty water. The presence of dried water could also indicate a problem with the drain line.

Importance of inspecting your drains

Failure to conduct a proper CCTV drain survey could lead to unforeseen drainage costs. Embarking on a proper CCTV survey before buying a property, helps you negotiate with the seller for an accurate valuation or ensure that the drains are fixed before the house is purchased.

A few days ago, a team of Hydro Cleansing engineers, carried out a CCTV survey for a home seller  to detect the drain lining issue. Our team of experts are readily available to provide a stress-free CCTV drain survey for you before you buy or sell a home. For more information contact our helpline on 0800 740 8888.