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Thunderstorms could lead to flooding

thunderstorm brings about rainfall that could cause floodingThunderstorm is considered to be among the most dramatic weather phenomenon in the world. A thunderstorm is an array of rapid electrical discharges, which emanate from atmospheric conditions. This tends to lead to flashes of light and trembling sound waves, which are conceived as thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms are commonly followed-up by precipitation.

The rise of thunderstorms:

When the atmosphere becomes unstable, there tends to be the emergence of thunderstorms. The formation of this thunderstorm is as a result of a very systematic process, which witnesses how warm air exists beneath much colder air. It is also stated that as the warm air consistently rise, the water vapour will rapidly shape into cumulonimbus cloud. The interesting point is that the cumulonimbus clouds can be formed in less than 60 minutes.

With a brief background to the formation of thunderstorms, it is believed that they are products of the severe heating of the earth’s surface. That’s why they are generally common in areas of hot and humid weather. In the UK, thunderstorms are more prevalent in the East Midlands and the South-East of England.

In most cases, thunderstorm leads to a persistent band of heavy downpours which could lead to flooding in some areas.  Essentially, the rainfall from the thunderstorm is believed to cause flash floods. It is to this regard that the Met office, released a thunderstorm warning for the weekend commencing the 12th of June, 2015. A yellow “be aware” warning has been issued by forecasters in view of the thunderstorms and heavy rain that are set to hit the UK this weekend.

At Hydro Cleansing, we understand that the rise of thunderstorms could lead to heavy rains. This heavy rain could in-turn be a prelude to flash floods. Our expert emergency flood response team are trained and equipped to deal with any issue of flooding.  The services we offer comprises of flood prevention, clean-up and removal.

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Why flood maps are important

Flood maps are very beneficial


Have you ever travelled to a new city or country and wondered how to find your bearings? A few years ago, I had to leave the confines of my comfort zone to ask a stranger for step-by-step directions to my destination. With the emergence of apps like Google Maps, we are suddenly looking like residents in a foreign destination, we no longer ask for directions as we regularly glance at our smartphones or tablet devices for automatic updates from our maps.

Maps are important in life. We need a guide or a prompt to make the right decisions. This is also important in the area of flooding. Flooding has become a problem in the UK and also the USA with places like New Orleans, Oklahoma and Texas. Whilst maps may not always be able to accurately predict the future of a flood occurring, it does provides rich historical data, which helps us gain a better understanding of the areas that are at risk of flooding.

The Environmental agency provides a rich array of data in the form of a map, which expresses places that are at risk of flooding. This data indicates the number of places that are at risk of being flooded in each parliamentary constituency. The Environmental agency also provides a historic flood map that indicates the maximum extent of past flooding. Like Robert Kiyosaki stated: “The best way to predict the future is to study the past or prognosticate.” A flood map, therefore, helps us to understand the past in a bid to predict the future.

The flood map comprises of variables such as historic flooding, homes at risk of flooding, flood defences, homes at risks from coastal erosion and flood pictures. A more accurate flood map is believed to be beneficial to individuals, communities and society at large. It is believed that flood maps are used approximately 30 million times a year by government institutions, insurance agents, land developers, community planners, property owners and a host of others.

Google map has helped us a great deal in life, by providing direction in moments of confusion. In the same regard, a flood map provides us with insights when we are considering buying, developing or renting a property.

At Hydro Cleansing, we have an extensive experience in flooding. We deliver a wide range of services that encompasses and deals with every stage of flooding. You can contact our hotline on 0800 740 8888 for expert advice.


Expertise is very important in managing confined space risks

Expertise plays a very important role in a confined space

Aside being completely or partially enclosed, a confined space poses a lot of risks to people. It is believed that about 60% of confined space fatalities have been among the would-be rescue team.  The dangers or hazards that abound within a confined space are a lot more than normal workspaces.

Daniel Okrent opined that: “Right, but there’s expertise and then there’s inside information. And I think we have to make the distinction.” The Oxford dictionary defines expertise as: “an expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.” If you are regarded as an expert in a given field, it becomes apparent that you have a higher degree of knowledge or authority in the given subject matter.

In the field of confined space, the role of an expert is very crucial in ensuring the safety of workers. The experts know the confined space regulations, the risks involved, the appropriate equipment and the ability to make a quick and well-informed decision.


Expertise plays a very important role in a confined space


It is with regards to the abovementioned and the importance of expertise, that a well-trained confined space top-man, from the Hydro Cleansing team was able to upgrade a 2 man confined space team to an additional 3 man rescue team.

The task ahead was one that required a great degree of careful planning and expertise, where every little detail was important. To get into as much detail as possible, there was a tunnel with a length of about 75 metres. One of the bigger challenges was an exposed 11, 000v power line. The other issue was an overflowing sewer that had led to an aggregation of waste. The confined space team were expected to clean the sewer overflow to enable the safe repair of the power lines.



Expertise plays a very important role in a confined space

The Hydro Cleansing top-man utilised his deep understanding of health and safety legislation, to make the important decisions that helped this job end in success. The top-man utilised his expertise to make the confined space refined or cleared for the repair of the power line.

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