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How Twickenham, the home of English rugby was given a clean sweep

Hydro Cleansing limited sweeps Twickenham stadium clean

When the name Twickenham is uttered the first thought that runs through your mind is Rugby. You don’t have to be a fan of the energetic and physical game to realise that there is a stadium located in Twickenham. To a few wondering and maybe second guessing where Twickenham is located, before you reach out for your smartphones to run a search we will save you the time. Twickenham is a town located in the south-west of London, on the River Thames in the London borough of Richmond. No need to bore you with more details about the location and history of the town.

When you type the word Twickenham on Google or other search engines, you will find more results related to the stadium than anything else. This shows how significant the stadium is within the town. Whilst researching through the web, looking for more details about this stadium, it becomes clear that its significance transcends the town of Twickenham. The official website of the Rugby World cup reveals this caption: “Twickenham is etched into Rugby’s DNA.” The stadium is viewed as the biggest dedicated rugby ground with a capacity of about 81, 605. In 134 days, this stadium will host the 2015 Rugby world cup.

Twickenham stadium is very important to the town of Twickenham, the UK and the world of Rugby. A little more statistics about this stadium indicates that it hosted its first game in 1909 between Harlequins and Richmond. The home of English Rugby has hosted the world cup in 1991 and 1999.

Let’s take a slight shift from Twickenham as the icon of English Rugby to how it was given a clean sweep by Hydro Cleansing Ltd. The Mega-Sweep road sweepers, which are fully equipped with reversing cameras, sound alarm and sensors were utilised to clean Twickenham stadium during the Rugby European championship game between Toulon and Clermont. The Mega Sweep is designed to ensure that the driver’s awareness is maintained at all times.  We understand that tourists, rugby fans and local residents walk past this stadium in complete admiration. In this regard, our Mega Sweep, carefully swept from Rugby road, ensuring the safety of local residents and passers-by was maintained. Cleaning all debris around the stadium and ensuring that this landmark of Rugby is kept clean and safe.

Our sweepers are designed for urban back streets, race tracks, car parks and stadiums like that of Twickenham. You can contact us on 0208 689 3339 for a clean sweep.

How cleaning a foul water pipe prevented fatberg at the London Trocadero


Fat removal from pipes

In 2013, a team of sewerage workers took over three weeks to clear a huge fatberg, believed to be equal to the size of a bus. The initial sign of danger came about when local residents in a block of flats, around the royal borough main sewer, complained about a challenge in flushing their toilets. The gravity of the issue was laid bare when it was revealed that the fatberg, largely made up of solidified grease and oil, obstructed 95% of the 2.4-meter diameter, brick sewer pipe. It is believed by environmental experts that the royal borough of Kingston came close to being flooded with sewage.

It might be useful to have a simple definition of fatberg. Fatberg is viewed as a solidified lump of fat, wet wipes, sanitary items and similar elements found in a sewer system. These items do not break down like toilet paper, hence they become congealed or solidified.

It is commonly believed by sewage and water companies that fatbergs are becoming more frequent. In the UK, London seems to have the highest concentration of food businesses and tends to create an estimated 32m-44m litres of used cooking oil yearly. It is believed that much of this cooking oil is poured down the drains. There is also the increasing use of wet pipes which could have implications below ground level.


Fat removal from pipes

On the 30th of April, a team of drainage engineers from Hydro Cleansing, went down to the Trocadero to work on a foul drain. The Trocadero in London has been a popular entertainment complex, but it is currently being looked at converting into one of West end’s biggest budget hotel. The team of drainage engineers from Hydro Cleansing, used a super combination unit, CCTV unit and a support van with a 50 meters of 4” vacuum hose, to clean out a 40 meters of 9 and 12” foul water pipe.

In accordance with good practice, the fatberg and drainage team, removed the fat from the pipe, to prevent it from growing into fatberg, which could lead to sewage flooding. To ensure the job was carried out to the highest standard, the super combination unit was required to reverse into the building and the vacuum hose was lowered down about 20 meters to support the rope.

The job was carried out by Hydro Cleansing, with environmental safety as a priority. Understanding the importance of preventing a fatberg from developing similar to that at the royal borough of Kingston was important. It was also important to ensure that the fat was extracted from the water pipe and cleaned to a high level.

We are passionate about the environment and our Fatberg and Grease trap emptying divisions, are equipped to provide you with comprehensive service and maintenance of your pipes and sewer systems. You can contact our dedicated team on 020 8689 3339.

London Marathon 2015: How Hydro Cleansing swept after the runners.

London Marathon 2015

The recently concluded Virgin money London Marathon, ended over the weekend. The event was tagged “The clash of the champions,” as the previous world record holder, Wilson Kipsang was competing with the current holder- Dennis Kimetto. At the end of a thrilling and pulsating men’s race, Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge stole the show, by winning in a time of: 2:04:42.

On the women’s race, Ethiopia’s Tigist Tufa, won with a time of 2 hours, 23 minutes and 21 seconds. On an emotional note, Women record holder, Paula Radcliffe, ran her last London Marathon and finished in a time of 2:36:55. Despite being a bit unfit Paula Radcliffe finished a paltry 13 minutes from the women winner.

The 26 miles London marathon is always full of excitement, comradery, determination, perspiration and litter- loads of litter. With intervals of fuel/drink stations, runners with personal best finish times in mind, grab drinks and hastily dispose of the waste on the streets. After all the fanfare, tears of joy, limping and moments of accomplishments, cleaning after these runners, is always a nightmare for the city of London.

Hydro Cleansing, a leading industrial and environmental service provider in London and the south East of England, deemed it necessary, to take the cleaning weight, off the shoulders of the city of London. We reached out and offered help, as we used our Industry leading Mega sweep, to comb the streets of London, collecting litter from nook and cranny.

Hydro cleansing cleaning after the London 2015 marathon


Our Mega Sweepers, which are fully equipped with reversing cameras, sound alarm and sensors, to ensure the awareness of drivers, swept through the streets of London at places like upper Thames, Southwark bridge, Tower bridge, Kennington park and a host of other areas.

This thoughtful act from Hydro cleansing, attracted the commendation and compliments from the City of London. A representative from the City of London, put forward this testimonial regarding our impact in cleaning up the streets of London. It goes thus: May I take this opportunity to thank you and all concerned in assisting us in our clear up operations for the London Marathon. This is always one of our most challenging events to get the City of London back to its high standards of cleanliness and the roads open ASAP. Your Guys and machines were excellent in achieving this and helped greatly in achieving the tight deadlines.”

At Hydro Cleansing, we love to give back to our community and city, believing every little assistance could help in forging the good of all.

The Virgin money 2015 London marathon, may have come and gone.  As approximately 37, 000 runners completed the 42.195 km gruelling but yet exciting challenge. A lot came, saw and conquered. From us all at Hydro Cleansing, we wish a fast recovery to all runners and promise to give back to our community and city in any way we can.  We believe every little sweep could help keep our big city clean.