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Communication for us all here at Hydro Cleansing is key in order for us to provide the highest levels of customer service possible. To achieve this we focus on a system of continuous improvement. Through this thinking is how we’ve become known as a creative, innovative and dynamic company when it comes to industrial and environmental services.

Understanding the needs of our clients and as specialists in our market, we’ve successfully developed a range or strategies and solutions to help us deal with every individual project as well as maximising our business’ capabilities and potential.

In order to ensure these standards are obtained in everything we do, we have adopted a well-known approach to Quality Assurance called the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle:

  1. Plan: Define the objective of the job. Identify the procedures, methods and tools needed to complete the job. Define the measures to be used to check the results of the job.
  2. Do: Execute the plan, train engineers in methodology, issue equipment and use tools to perform the job.
  3. Check: Evaluate whether or not the goal has been achieved by using measures, metrics and facts.
  4. Act: When gaps are defined, identify the origin of the problem and define an approach to correct or close the gap (return to the plan phase)


Help for Heroes

Well done to Jason and Nick for their record breaking attempt!

Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror

Nick, the former sergeant, almost bled to death when he was wounded by a Taliban attack in 2007.

In aid of injured comrades Nick and his brother Jason embarked on a heroic 120 non-stop row crossing the English Channel from Dorset to Jersey.

Supporting wounded British troops the challenge raised money for Help for Heroes.

Adam Gerrard / Daily Mirror

It’s not to late to donate, simply follow this link – Bmycharity

Hydro Cleansing are proud to have sponsored such a great pair of lads!

(Images taken from the Adam Gerrard /Daily Mirror)