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London’s Finest

Just a few of our billboards that have been put up around London in the last few weeks.

Join us on Facebook for your chance to win prizes whenever you spot one and send in a photo.

London's Finest

London's Finest

London's Finest

London's Finest


If you haven’t seen it yet sit back, turn up the volume and catch the blockbuster of the year.

We hope you’ll agree it’s worthy of a BAFTA so get sharing as well.

Remember the more hits we get the more money we will be donating to the British Heart Foundation.

Christmas holidays

Christmas holidays

Hydro Cleansing, the South East’s leading industrial and environmental services provider, will be fully operational for the entirety of the Christmas holidays.

With Mother Nature wreaking havoc and our wide range of services increasingly crucial to the public, commercial and domestic sectors, we are still open during this festive period.

So, no matter what the elements throw your way, rest assured that Hydro Cleansing, with its unrivaled fleet, state of the art equipment and highly experienced personnel, will be there for you 24/7.

Call us now on 0808 256 8074