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Billboard Campaign

Our latest billboard campaign is up and running!

They are up until the end of May so keep an eye out around East & South East London (E14 & SE10).

Billboard Campaign

Billboard Campaign

Fat Busting Bugs

Fat Busting Bugs

Yorkshire Water has yet again announced that they will be using bugs to help fight fat blockages in their sewers.

Trillions of these fat busting bugs will be deployed in an effort to remove any blockages.

Usually found in the human gut the treatment works will be using bacillus bacteria which would normally feast on any fat, oil and grease they come across.

These organically grown bacteria are simply mixed with non-chlorinated water then poured down the drain they are hoping to clean-up nearly 200 known fat blockages.

Entering our drains and sewers from within the home or from restaurants and food outlets, usually down the kitchen sink and plug holes, cooking oil, fat and grease later hardens causing blockages.

This year alone Yorkshire Water has already dealt with around 6000 fat related sewer blockages in its network and with the festive period fast approaching it is expected that they will see a 25% increase.

The Untouchables

Bad day? Think you’ve got a bad job? Paid just £3.50 and a bottle of beer a day the sewer divers nicknamed ‘The Untouchables’ manually unclog the cities drains in Delhi, India.

Wearing just underwear, protective clothing is not provided for these guys who spend all day wallowing in the filthy water.

According to the head of the Delhi cleaner’s commission, Harnam Singh admits that around 70% of the sewer divers actually die on the job. It’s estimated that over 60 divers have died in the last 6 months.

The Untouchables       The Untouchables

Banned in the 90s and now an illegal practice, government organisations still employ hundreds of people to manually unblock and clean the cities drains.

Poverty still remains prevalent in India, one of the world’s fastest growing economies. It’s estimated that nearly 50% of children suffer from malnutrition and according to data from the United Nations nearly 40% of people live below the country’s poverty line, surviving on under £2 a day.

Unfortunately their sewer network doesn’t look likely to receive any further investments or upgrades in the near future, especially when India’s PM recently announced that they will be spending over £50 million on their space program.