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Case Study: Clearing A Blocked Ditch and Two Culverts

The Problem: A Ditch and Two Culverts Blocked with 100 Tonnes of Silt


Our services were required to maintain the drainage system of an estate in Birdham. Two culverts and a ditch had become blocked with a dangerous level of silt.

clearing a ditch and culverts

Cutting roots in ditch and culverts

The ditch had become over grown with tree roots and weeds. The culverts were becoming clogged with silt. The maintenance was required as part of flood prevention work in the county. The ditch ran along the side of the housing estate and was essential to their drainage in the face of a large amount of rainfall. Without this work, flooding would be a serious danger for these properties.

Hydro Cleansing clearing a ditch and culvert

Our solution:

Following our site visit Hydro Cleansing established that the following were required to complete the job:

Three areas were blocked: a ditch 85m in length was blocked with approximately 80 tonnes of silt waste; one 450mm culvert that was 65m in length and one 450mm culvert which was 100m in length. The amount of waste in the culverts was confirmed on completion of the job as 13 tonnes. A 20,000 litre  bulk tanker brought the water supply for the high pressure jetting work which was required to dislodge the silt and mud from the tree roots in the ditch. The water was also necessary to jet through the culverts. The work was completed over 5 days. The CCTV team were there for 2 days completing pre work and post work surveys.

The 2 man team Jetting a culvert and ditch clearworked in the ditch, jetting the silt clear of the roots, while maintaining the essential tree roots.

The powerful suction of the super combination unit at 3500CFM meant that the silt was sucked away into the waiting articulated bulk tanker. The waste was removed and disposed of each evening at Hydro Cleansing’s own wet waste disposal plant.

 Tankers clearing ditch and culvert

Hydro Cleansing’s Result

Clearing the 85m ditch, 65m and 100m culvert and removing and disposing of 100 tonnes of waste was completed on time and meant the risk of flooding was significantly reduced. 


Who is Behind the Pristine Tarmac at Silverstone? Mega Sweep!

Man and Road Sweeper

This elite racing venue is renowned for its world class track. Silverstone is home to the British Grand Prix from 1950 and has also hosted some exceptional truck racing events. Mega Sweep was removing any dust, mud, silt or oil that had built up on Silverstone’s tamac. Hydro Cleansing are delighted to work with the estate to maintain the standards of excellence.

Fallen leaves don’t settle on Silverstone when Hydro Cleansing are around! We run a tight ship! Compared to the regular roads of London, with their chewing gum, rubble, piles of leaves strewn across the urban thoroughfares, mud, oil and tyre marks that undermine the impressive nature of the city; Silverstone is road hygiene heaven! MEGA SWEEP will clean every road in the country given half a chance!

Road Sweeper at Silverstone

Our engineer attended in the early hours to complete the work before Silverstone’s day officially began. Our engineers are brilliant and take enormous pride in their work. They record the state of the site before they begin work and the results after it’s completed. The difference is stunning! We’re the people behind the scenes, we make it all run smoothly! God is in the detail and Hydro Cleansing are right in there with him! Not a speck remained!

Road sweeper dawn


Incredible truck racing is just around the corner! On the 5th and 6th of November Brands Hatch will host the BTRA for some extreme racing action. HYDRO CLEANSING will be right there at the heart of the action! We’re bringing our flagship vehicles including TERMINATOR for the whole weekend! Come meet the team and check out our awesome trucks!Truck sliding in race

The astounding fleet are going to be a key element of the light show on the Sunday night! Our trucks know how to put on a light show! It’s going to be epic!

You’ll never see a show like Hydro Cleansing in the Light Parade.

TERMINATOR, MEGATRON, RAINMAKER, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, MEGA SWEEP, and many more will be on show all weekend!

Brands hatch flyer

Truckers behold… TERMINATOR! This is the largest vacuum tanker built on the largest Scania Chassis in the UK. It’s been 2 and a half years in development and is about to be rolled out as the most powerful member of Hydro Cleansing’s fleet.

MEGATRON is the largest vacuum tanker in Europe, with suction power of 6000CFM this BEAST is incredibly powerful! The tanker has been working for 5 years and is still leading his field! He’s capable of sucking liquid 100m+ vertically!

RAINMAKER is sporting new artwork and is one of the longest serving and still one of the best super combination units in the UK! 11 years young and as awesome as ever!


terminator truck