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Mega-Strong Megatron

The description of the job was pretty mundane. Can you send along a combination unit to empty out some drains which would in turn allow the contractor to handover their works to their client, a local hospital. Straight forward enough you would say. Anyway, circumstances conspired to result in Megatron attending the job, and as it turned out, that was definitely a good thing…

Megatron instantly began to recover vast amounts of rubble and other unknown tenacious items from depths of over 50m’s. The rattle of debris shooting up the suction boom and into the main hold continued, with Megatron pumping back/recycling waste water.

Stopping temporarily we identified what was still lying in the sewer, examined the filters in Megatron and carried out an inspection to make sure the sheer volume of coarse material hadn’t taken a toll on Megatron.

Megatron continued to show its capabilities and finished the job with no issues or problems whatsoever. Site management were horrified identifying the extent of the material found, which was there before they had started work.

Samsung Bike Week

In relation to our recent involvement with the London Fit for Cycling Mayoral Hustings and as part of the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, Samsung Bike Week 2012, Steve Hoad of Hydro Cleansing, a member of the FTA, Freight Transport Association, is volunteering his time alongside Megatron’s on Saturday 23rd June from 10am-3pm at North End, Croydon.

HGV Awareness Training for cyclists, in association with the Metropolitan Police task force, will be on hand throughout the day to spread awareness and educate those who are keen to learn more about making a switch to cycling for their everyday journeys. Security tagging of bikes and other attractions will also be on hand on the day.

Working together to both inform drivers and cyclists, our belief is that both can work together in harmony, especially on the roads in and around the capital. Our aim is to spread Hydro Cleansing’s knowledge and understanding on how cycling can easily become part of everyday life and to ensure the safety of all road users.

Our fleet of HGV’s are all Crossrail Cycle Compliant and in line with the Mayor of London’s Cycle Action Plan have been fitted with: Fresnei lenses, side scan equipment, under run guards, warning signs for cyclists/pedestrians and Brigade reversing alarms which all ensure cyclist safety.