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Combination Units

Hydro Cleansing’s combination units are capable of performing a wide range of specialised services, including but not limited to the following:

  • Desilting / Silt Removal
  • Liquid waste removal
  • Culverts cleaning
  • Gully emptying & cleaning
  • Pump station servicing
  • Interceptor cleaning
  • Drilling waste removal.

In addition to their powerful jetting units, vacuums and use of a reverse cycle facility, they are able to hold up to 13,000 litres of waste which can be used for collecting, transporting and disposing of waste, from sites.

Our unrivalled fleet enable us to treat each project individually, according to our client’s needs and requirements.


Combination Units

  • High pressure jetting 3500psi @ 386 LPM
  • Vacuum power 1400 CFM
  • Vertical recovery to 40m + horizontal to 200m
  • Hydraulic Boom 225mm diameter + 6m reach
  • 13,500 litre waste capacity

Super Combination Units

  • High pressure jetting 4000psi @ 545 LPM
  • Vacuum power 3500 CFM
  • Vertical recovery to 70m + horizontal to 600m
  • Hydraulic Boom 225mm diameter + 6m reach
  • 18,000 litre waste capacity / 18 tonnes

Combination Units

NYC & Las Vegas

“The catacombs of ancient Rome served as houses of worship for Jews and Christians.
The sewers of Paris yielded gold, jewels, and relics of the revolution.
A slave trade thrived in underground chambers along Portland, Oregon’s waterfront.
Ukrainian Jews found refuge from the Nazis in a system of caves.”

Hydro Cleansing have discovered these two books about the thousands of people who live in the sewage tunnels of New York City and the storm drains of Las Vegas, which are very interesting.

Simply click below to find out more…

 The Mole People: Life in the Tunnels Beneath New York City

 Beneath the Neon: Life & Death in the Tunnels of Las Vegas

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