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Who is Behind the Pristine Tarmac at Silverstone? Mega Sweep!

Man and Road Sweeper

This elite racing venue is renowned for its world class track. Silverstone is home to the British Grand Prix from 1950 and has also hosted some exceptional truck racing events. Mega Sweep was removing any dust, mud, silt or oil that had built up on Silverstone’s tamac. Hydro Cleansing are delighted to work with the estate to maintain the standards of excellence.

Fallen leaves don’t settle on Silverstone when Hydro Cleansing are around! We run a tight ship! Compared to the regular roads of London, with their chewing gum, rubble, piles of leaves strewn across the urban thoroughfares, mud, oil and tyre marks that undermine the impressive nature of the city; Silverstone is road hygiene heaven! MEGA SWEEP will clean every road in the country given half a chance!

Road Sweeper at Silverstone

Our engineer attended in the early hours to complete the work before Silverstone’s day officially began. Our engineers are brilliant and take enormous pride in their work. They record the state of the site before they begin work and the results after it’s completed. The difference is stunning! We’re the people behind the scenes, we make it all run smoothly! God is in the detail and Hydro Cleansing are right in there with him! Not a speck remained!

Road sweeper dawn

How Twickenham, the home of English rugby was given a clean sweep

Hydro Cleansing limited sweeps Twickenham stadium clean

When the name Twickenham is uttered the first thought that runs through your mind is Rugby. You don’t have to be a fan of the energetic and physical game to realise that there is a stadium located in Twickenham. To a few wondering and maybe second guessing where Twickenham is located, before you reach out for your smartphones to run a search we will save you the time. Twickenham is a town located in the south-west of London, on the River Thames in the London borough of Richmond. No need to bore you with more details about the location and history of the town.

When you type the word Twickenham on Google or other search engines, you will find more results related to the stadium than anything else. This shows how significant the stadium is within the town. Whilst researching through the web, looking for more details about this stadium, it becomes clear that its significance transcends the town of Twickenham. The official website of the Rugby World cup reveals this caption: “Twickenham is etched into Rugby’s DNA.” The stadium is viewed as the biggest dedicated rugby ground with a capacity of about 81, 605. In 134 days, this stadium will host the 2015 Rugby world cup.

Twickenham stadium is very important to the town of Twickenham, the UK and the world of Rugby. A little more statistics about this stadium indicates that it hosted its first game in 1909 between Harlequins and Richmond. The home of English Rugby has hosted the world cup in 1991 and 1999.

Let’s take a slight shift from Twickenham as the icon of English Rugby to how it was given a clean sweep by Hydro Cleansing Ltd. The Mega-Sweep road sweepers, which are fully equipped with reversing cameras, sound alarm and sensors were utilised to clean Twickenham stadium during the Rugby European championship game between Toulon and Clermont. The Mega Sweep is designed to ensure that the driver’s awareness is maintained at all times.  We understand that tourists, rugby fans and local residents walk past this stadium in complete admiration. In this regard, our Mega Sweep, carefully swept from Rugby road, ensuring the safety of local residents and passers-by was maintained. Cleaning all debris around the stadium and ensuring that this landmark of Rugby is kept clean and safe.

Our sweepers are designed for urban back streets, race tracks, car parks and stadiums like that of Twickenham. You can contact us on 0208 689 3339 for a clean sweep.