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A Grand Day Out – Thorough work from our tankers and team

Our tankers were up to some awesome team work yesterday!














Again we were out protecting our country’s motorways. The job was to clear a culvert of a build-up of embedded silt. The estimate was 30 tonnes of waste!

This was a large scale job involving a fantastic team and some of our flagship tankers. Our Super combination unit Rainmaker was there providing the hard core power for the operation. Our artic tanker which is nick named ‘Jack the giant slayer’ stored the waste that Rainmaker vacuumed. Another bulk tanker, our confined space team and a welfare unit made up the rest of the fleet.

Due to the nature of the waste, our team implemented a strategy of lowering the flow of water through the culvert to allow the confined space engineers into the space to shovel the shingle and silt into Rainmaker’s vacuum. They made a dam at the far end of the culvert and our combination unit was used to divert the remaining water flow from the culvert into a ditch beyond. It would naturally have flowed there from the culvert.














A 4” vacuum hose maintained the low water level allowing the confined space team access to the culvert. The larger 6”  hose removed the large pieces of silt.

Our confined space engineers worked flat out to funnel the silt into the vacuum hose. You can see some of the silt is the size of golf balls. The vacuum hose sucked them away into our tankers.

These guys have no need of a gym! They are up for the hard graft.













Thankfully we have a welfare unit that we bring to these kinds of jobs. A warm kitchen, toilet and shower mean our engineers can have a short break on site and return to their work without much disruption. It saves driving covered in mud to the nearest greasy spoon for a cup of tea after shovelling mud for hours.














Good honest work was done! Preventative action against flooding was taken. Our work made the light at the end of the tunnel possible.

Culvert Cleaning: Prevention over cure every time!

We’ve completed some preventative work on the M25 today. Megatron has been showing its power.

The issue was an almost blocked culvert between two large balancing ponds that went under the M25. The culvert was full of multiple kinds of waste.  It must have created a stench as well as endangering the M25 with potential flooding. With access away from the hard shoulder, our vehicles were able to park safely and our engineers, in full PPE, were able to tackle the job directly.

Dirty culvert 2

Clean Culvert


















Our engineers who were wearing chest waders and full PPE set to work. Firstly, the engineers set up sandbags to absorb the excess silt leaving the pipe on one side. They removed the grate, clearing away the larger rubbish, the plastic gloves, crisp packets etc.

Once the Culvert was clear enough, we could bring in the jetting and vacuuming equipment. Then our powerful tankers got to work!  Our Megatron super vacuum tanker handled this job adeptly. One of our 4000 litre tankers supplied the water.


Megatron and friend














The epic jetting and vacuuming happened:



culvert jetting


















The pressure was incredible! It’s easy to look at jetting and expect it to be that impressive. That this power comes from two tankers working together to provide sufficient water flow and pressure is a remarkable feat of engineering.

Once completed, our CCTV Survey operators send in the remote control camera to check for any remaining blockages and any damage that the culvert may have. Once we have established that all is well; our tankers return the waste to our site for full disposal.

The waste will be disposed of on our site. The waste disposal unit at Hydro Cleansing recycles up to 99% of the waste we take in. It is sieved and pressed and sieved and pressed until the waste is so fully compacted that it can safely be sent to landfill.



























We came, we saw, we jetted, we checked, we documented!

It’s a thorough and powerful job from Hydro Cleansing. If you have a similar issue, give us a call.

























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Kingston Fatberg

Over the past few weeks you can’t have escaped the press coverage that has surrounded the now infamous fatberg lurking under Kingston, southwest London. If you have then you’ve most probably been hiding down a sewer yourself! The supposed ‘bus sized’ fatberg could have potentially pushed raw sewage up into homes and onto the streets of Kingston but how has this been allowed to happen?

Weighing in at a reported 15 tonnes this mount of congealed fat, oil and grease mixed with other revolting waste products was brought to the attention of local water authorities after local residents complained about having difficulty flushing their toilets. But how can its weight have been calculated when it hadn’t even been removed.  Surely the actual weight of a fatberg cannot be decided properly until the job is complete?

Subject to contrary belief we believe the fatberg is yet to be fully removed and in fact weighs a lot less than 15 tonne. Without the necessary equipment and technical know-how the removal of this particular fatberg will take a lot longer than expected, all the while still causing problems for local residents. Time and investment are an essential requirement when it comes to preparing yourself to undertake such specialist works. Megatron is a textbook example of this.

Megatron was commissioned back in 2008 when Hydro Cleansing invested over half a million pounds engineering this wastewater monster to our own personal spec. From our perspective we had three main objectives we wanted to achieve:

  1. Increase the capability of a single onsite vehicle, which also reduces our environmental impact and carbon footprint
  2. Cope with the inevitable migration from planned to reactive works
  3. Time efficiency, reducing job turnaround times

With Megatron now undertaking works that were previously relinquished, and with more units in the pipeline, Hydro Cleansing are more than capable of embarking on any major works or specialist projects all the while alleviating any concerns that the job is to big or can’t be done at all.

Kingston Fatberg

Image taken from www.theguardian.com