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Don’t Let A Flood Ruin Your Festive Cheer!

Hydro Cleansing Will Support You Through the Flooding Season.

Following Storm Angus, Wales and the South of England are currently being battered by high winds and even higher levels of rain fall, and as your Mother would say; prevention is better than cure! If that doesn’t inspire you to get outside and start checking your culverts and clearing your drains, then take a look at some of our flood work from previous years.

Clearing a Culvert Under the A3 Highway:

Here are some of our engineers clearing a culvert beneath the A3 on behalf of a local council. Our expert engineers were down there, in full confined space PPE to cut through the build up of silt with high pressure jets, and of course Megatron, which was on site to suck the waste away for disposal at an impressive 6000 cubic feet per minute. Megatron’s state of the art liquid ring pump creates a vacuum within the bulk tanker in order to efficiently fill it with waste, and also allows a second bulk to replace it while it disposing of the waste. This meant that the work could be continuous and we didn’t have to deploy extra vehicles which allowed us to get the job done quickly.

Culvert clean Culvert cleaning

Flood Response at a Nursing Home in Bristol:

Saving your granny is all in a days work for our teams, or at least back in June it was. We sent out our specialist engineers in a combination vacuum tanker unit to help out a nursing home near Bristol, where the flood waters were about to reach the property. The power of our tanker meant our team could remove the water from the flooded garden area and front of the property where the flood was disrupting traffic and scaring pensioners. Job done!

Flood at nursing homeNursing Home flood

So if you’re worried about flooding in your area, give us a call! Let us know where the potential flood risk is and we will call the associated council for you and arrange any necessary works. Contact us here 24/7!


Incredible truck racing is just around the corner! On the 5th and 6th of November Brands Hatch will host the BTRA for some extreme racing action. HYDRO CLEANSING will be right there at the heart of the action! We’re bringing our flagship vehicles including TERMINATOR for the whole weekend! Come meet the team and check out our awesome trucks!Truck sliding in race

The astounding fleet are going to be a key element of the light show on the Sunday night! Our trucks know how to put on a light show! It’s going to be epic!

You’ll never see a show like Hydro Cleansing in the Light Parade.

TERMINATOR, MEGATRON, RAINMAKER, JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, MEGA SWEEP, and many more will be on show all weekend!

Brands hatch flyer

Truckers behold… TERMINATOR! This is the largest vacuum tanker built on the largest Scania Chassis in the UK. It’s been 2 and a half years in development and is about to be rolled out as the most powerful member of Hydro Cleansing’s fleet.

MEGATRON is the largest vacuum tanker in Europe, with suction power of 6000CFM this BEAST is incredibly powerful! The tanker has been working for 5 years and is still leading his field! He’s capable of sucking liquid 100m+ vertically!

RAINMAKER is sporting new artwork and is one of the longest serving and still one of the best super combination units in the UK! 11 years young and as awesome as ever!


terminator truck

How HYDRO CLEANSING are so much more than CROSSRAIL Compliant

Hydro Cleansing have established a long relationship and benefit from working alongside various contractors on the delivery of Crossrail.  Being Crossrail compliant, Hydro Cleansing share the safety culture engendered by Crossrail.

crossrail logo

Drilling waste crossrail

Hydro Cleansing’s fleet of tankers have safety specifications to meet the highest Crossrail standards. Being compliant means recognising the need to protect cyclists, pedestrians and construction staff.


Crossrail’s compliance requirements are in harmony with Hydro Cleansing’s values.


Safety is a constant priority at HCL.


Crossrail expect it’s contractors to have a high standard of safety devices on their vehicles, this is why Hydro Cleansing have invested heavily in the best safety equipment available.

This includes:

  • 360 degree cameras
  • blind spot sensors exceed the standard required to be Crossrail compliant.

Terminator with bicycle


Our fleet in accordance with Crossrail  guidelines are all fitted with side under run guards.


Another key element in being Crossrail complaint is cycle safety. This is where Hydro Cleansing takes the standards to the next level. Hydro Cleansing campaign for cycle safety and are CLOCS Champions, meaning that we go above and beyond normal standards of safety to make sure that vulnerable road users are protected when using the nation’s highways.


Part of the development of Terminator, our newest, largest and most powerful vacuum tanker; involved creating a new warning sign for the back of our HGVs. It emphasises the presence of our fleet and sounds a warning as the trucks manoeuvre. We are continually striving raise the bar for cycle safety within the Industrial and Environmental wet waste market sector!


terminator tanker safety

This has Euro 6 and the highest safety standards. Back shot, with hazard warnings and back lit safety sign

From the time that Crossrail required compliance, Hydro Cleansing have not only complied with but exceeded the standards our commitment to those more vulnerable road users.


We’ve provided consistent and reliable support for their construction work and manage the wet waste disposal for much of Crossrail’s works.


HYDRO CLEANSING stand shoulder to shoulder with Crossrail in terms of upholding safety standards within the industry.