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> The benefits of CCTV drain surveys:

The benefits of CCTV drain surveys:


The benefits of CCTV drain survey



Some people avoid talking about drains or drainage and sometimes keep a distance when it is been surveyed or unblocked. The importance of drains comes to true light when there is a sudden blockage or breakdown. Having a complete understanding of the dangers of a blocked drain suddenly affirms and confirms the benefits of a CCTV drain survey. Before delving into CCTV survey and its benefits, it is imperative to look at the dangers of blocked drains as this will help us to properly understand the benefits of CCTV drain survey.


Dangers of a blocked drain

A blocked drain is conceived to be a real problem or menace for home owners. A blocked drain is viewed as a product of a structural problem or could be as a result of issues like water resurgence. The negative effects of a blocked drain to a homeowner or business is enormous.

The first negative impact that emanates from a blocked drain is that of contaminated water, which serves as a breeding ground for bacteria’s. Bacteria’s in the form of Legionella tend to thrive in a contaminated water triggered by a blocked drain.

The second negative impact of a blocked drain is that it gives rise to offensive and bad odour.  When someone is exposed to a bad odour, there seems to be a higher degree of stress, anxiety, constant fatigue, headache and bad mood.

With an insight into the dangers of a blocked drain, it is now imperative to look into the meaning and benefits of CCTV drain surveys.


Why CCTV drain survey?

CCTV is an acronym that stands for closed-circuit television. A plumber or drainage specialist adopting this approach in addressing a blocked drain, will install a camera down in the piping network. The images captured by the camera are then relayed on a big television device, which helps the drainage specialist to continually monitor the blockage. This process is a more efficient, in-depth and a clearer analysis of the drainage.

This approach is also very beneficial for someone that has just moved into a new property and who desires to carry out a full examination of the state of the drainage pipes. Above all, it is important to reiterate that CCTV survey and drain unblocking is a stress-free plumbing operation and an affordable alternative to traditional approaches.


Here at Hydro-cleansing, within our CCTV drain and CCTV survey divisions, we always ensure that our fully trained CCTV drain survey experts and extensive CCTV fleet provide clear, in-depth and excellent analysis of your drainage. Whilst we take the worry off you, our goal is to find, identify and address the causes of any blockage, bad smell, obstruction and damage infrastructure. In the event that you are struggling or maybe experiencing symptoms of a blocked drain, please get in touch with us as soon as possible, for our expert intervention.