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Exchanging Places

Being heavily involved in cycle safety and HGV awareness Steve, Chief Operations Officer of Hydro Cleansing, regularly volunteers his time alongside the Metropolitan Police’s for Exchanging places:

“At Exchanging Places, you can climb into the cab of a lorry and watch for a police cyclist riding up the left side of the vehicle. You’ll be surprised by just how little you can see from the driver’s seat. You’ll also learn more generally about how to cycle safely in London.”

Following Steve’ s attendance at the FTA Cycle Compliance meeting on the Friday 29 June 2012.  Steve with Hydro Cleansing’s state of integrated Sewer cleaning and recycling unit Megatron,  attended an Exchanging Places  event  having been invited by the Metropolitan Police the following day Saturday 30th June in Regent’s Park, where there was a great turn out and luckily the weather decided to behave too.

Receiving quotes like the following makes the whole exercise worthwhile…

A quote from Stuart, a cyclist on the day:

“It was a serious eye-opener to see how easy it is to miss a cyclist at the side, or even in front, of a lorry – and I was sitting there in the cabin actually looking for the bike!  We can ask lorry drivers to be more careful, but I saw today that cyclists, including me, need to be much more aware, too.  I would recommend this scheme to any cyclist, motorcyclist or even pedestrian, and I certainly won’t forget what I saw – and didn’t see – today. Thank you for what you are doing.”