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> Festival Maintenance Saviours!

Festival Maintenance Saviours!

Bouncing up and down to your absolute favourite band is incredible until someone pees in the middle of the crowd because the toilets are more disgusting than the field of mud! Festival maintenance and cleaning are key to the fun not running out!


Festival toilets are unavoidable. From people having heart attacks to falling asleep to having sex in them, porta loos are frequently the saddest, oddest and most disgusting of places. Amid the joy and jubilation of festival time, the toilets require festival people to undergo a grim ordeal.

How can this be managed, contained and made as safe and acceptable as possible?

Maintenance, regular cleaning and quality service!

Hydro Cleansing have been managing wet waste for 16 years and are experts in removing and cleaning up wet waste. Jetting the porta loos, removing surface water, mud and emptying cess pits are epic festival maintenance tasks that Hydro Cleansing are more than happy to deal with for you!

Mucking about in wellies is another classic festival experience. For organisers making sure it’s safe for the wild things to play in is essential!


mud girl


Have a flood plan in place! Remember its FLOOD!

Formulate a plan;

Locate your flood response assests

Organise your compete flood response team, Hire Us!

Obsevre the weather and local conditions

Drill your teams so then know what to do.

So when it rains, drainage and flood response need to be considered. Removing the liquid mud prevents having fun in the muck from turning into a dangerous situation.

Cleaning Mud Maintenance

How do you avoid scaring the festival goers memories with wet waste management troubles?


Have a flood plan.

Have a comprehensive toilet facilities strategy.

Plan the clean up.


Then get someone else to do it! Get the experts to deal with it!

Road sweeper at London marathon

Wild parties need wild trucks! We’ll provide the wet waste maintenance.

As festival goers revel in Stevie Wonder’s set, we’ll keep the loos clean and safe to use.

Then you just sell the pulled pork pancakes and enjoy the party!