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> Hydro Cleansing go diving for drainage!

Hydro Cleansing go diving for drainage!

Hydro cleansing divingA lesser known speciality of ours is commercial diving. As part of waste work occasionally diving into flooded chambers can be required in order to repair drainage infrastructure.

We’ve cleaned out the queen’s palaces, responded to some of the worst floods in the UK, created floating cctv cameras, done hydro demolition for the millennium dome etc.  Hydro Cleansing loves a challenge!

hydro cleansing diving 2

A balancing lake off the M26 was on the verge of flooding as the chamber that let the lake flow into the drainage infrastructure was blocked. The flap valve between the chamber and the sewer was trapped shut by the water pressure and the strap which had allowed it to be opened had eroded. This was replaced with a metal chain.

Hydro cleansing diving 3

Our diving engineer had to access the chamber and pull open the valve and attach the access chain. This valve is in place to adjust the flow from the lake into the culvert that flows underneath the motorway. This lake and complex drainage system is in place to handle flash flooding and storm water from the motorway and prevent the roundabout from flooding.

The job was attended by our confined space engineers and the diver was attached to the safety tripod with a rescue harness and was winched into the 4m chamber. The pressure on the valve was intense but our engineer freed it allowing the water to run into the drain.

Hydro Cleansing diving 4

This job displays the fathomless depths of Hydro Cleansing’s services!