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Cycle Safety

Today between 4pm-6:30pm at the junction of Wandsworth Bridge Road with New Kings Road, Hammersmith, Hydro Cleansing will be attending Exchanging Places, supporting the Metropolitan Police in promoting cycle safety.

Cycle Safety

Cyclists, as well as other road users, can climb up into the cab of a lorry and find out just how little you can see from the driver’s seat, ultimately learning more generally about how to cycle safely in and around London.

To find out more about this event or any other future events click the link below:


Blocks & Nasties

Hydro Cleansing‘s engineers are called out, on a daily basis, to blockages of all shapes and sizes, from pump stations to drainage systems throughout London and the South East.

After flushing you probably don’t give it another thought, heading on your way, but our sewer network is only designed to deal with human waste and toilet paper.

All other items should be binned, including any product that claims to be flushable.

This will help prevent any future problems or blockages you may experience.

Unfortunately these items are found and dealt with on a daily basis:

Blocks & Nasties

Some of the stranger objects that have been discovered:

Blocks & Nasties