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Culvert Cleaning

Allowing water to pass underneath trails, roads, railways and embankments a culvert is a device used to channel and direct water, each varying significantly in size. Hydro Cleansing are specialists in cleaning and servicing culverts, operating a fleet of tankers that have the power and technology capable of tackling the most intricate, complex drainage system using of our high pressure jets and high powered vacuums.

Important in defending and protecting road beds, ditches, banks, pathways and embankments by collecting and channelling excess water, strategically placed culverts help ease  flooding, reducing erosion while helping to divert run off water to larger filtering areas. They play an important role, requiring regular servicing and maintenance, ensuring they work efficiently.

Regularly inspecting culverts, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall, is very important. Inspecting for signs of erosion, joint separation, bottom sag, pipe blockage, piping, fill settling, cavitation of fill, sediment build-up and the effectiveness of the inlet and outlet are essential. Our specialist engineers are experienced in all stages of servicing and maintaining culverts.

The experience we have behind us, has led to us consistently being able to provide an unrivalled service based upon dependability, efficiently completing the job in the minimum time possible, keeping costs and disruption right down.

If you wish to learn more on how we can help you with any culvert related issues visit our dedicated Culvert Cleaning website: www.culvert-cleaning.co.uk or call our head office on 080 256 5844

Culvert Cleaning








Vacuum Excavation

Hydro Cleansing’s Vacuum Excavation Services are used to remove earth and drilling waste from a hole or trench on land. With the use of high pressure jetting systems our vehicles have the power and capability to loosen land and concrete, followed by removing the debris through powerful suction pipes.

Providing a flexible option for the drilling and removal of materials from areas where it would usually be a hindrance to surrounding construction work. We are able to access hard to reach regions that have limited accessibility, with over 300 metres of vacuum and jetting hose.

With our pressurised water jets, we’re able to provide a service which is extremely precise; while contractors can rest assured that any buried utilities or pipelines which may be uncovered will not be damaged through this method.

After this is complete, high pressure vacuums are positioned in place to collect the loosened material and waste created during the excavation process. This can either all be collected once the work is completed or taken away immediately to be safely disposed of. Our methods allow us to complete a project to the highest standard possible with minimal disruption.

Aided by Megatron and the rest of our unrivalled fleet we are capable of providing ultra-high pressure water jetting units, up to 45,000 psi (pounds per square inch), efficiently undertaking any type of hydro-demolition and vacuum excavation work.

In addition to concrete cutting, we remove grout, refractory materials, resins and epoxies. To find out more please visit our dedicated Vacuum Excavation Services website www.drillingslurry.com or watch the team hard at work via our YouTube playlist below…

Environmental Services

Arguably the most important factor for Hydro Cleansing to take into consideration whilst undertaking works is the environment. Protecting and caring for it, is our duty as a reliable, sustainable business. Dedicated to the prevention of air, land and water pollution and contamination, we promote recycling, also incorporating an incomparable environmental waste disposal policy.

Hydro Cleansing’s Environmental Services Division are specialists in developing and providing comprehensive services that promote a safe and clean environment. Our environmental clean-up operatives and flood response units have experience of all scales of works, making us experts in the environmental services field.

Hydro Cleansing’s services consist of but are not limited to the following:

  • Planned pollutant disposal
  • Emergency pollutant disposal
  • Post flood and fire clean-up
  • Vandalism clean-up and graffiti removal

To learn more visit http://www.hydro-cleansing.com/services/environmental-cleaning.php