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Vacuum Tanker Hire is a Galactic Necessity! Europa Needs Wet Waste Management!

Jets of water on Europa

Wet waste management is a galactic problem. Hydro Cleansing and Whale tankers haven’t yet found the limits of Terminator’s abilities so they’re considering sending him to Europa to deal with the waste water from the astounding 200km plumes of water.

Hydro Cleansing do have our attention focused on resolving the wet waste issues here on earth! As flooding is increasing here, vacuum tanker hire is essential. Galactic thinking is important for delivering effective management of the increasing environmental issues on earth but right here, right now, getting a vacuum tanker to clean your culvert and deliver you a well flowing sewer is the best practical impact we can make for you!

Megatron and bulk tanker

Megatron vacuum tanker hire and Bulk


The vacuum tankers at Hydro Cleansing are the best! They are the most powerful! No other tankers deliver the full results. Our tankers provide unlimited waste removal. They support the most major construction works that build up the infrastructure of UK energy and drainage. Choosing a tanker hire from HYDRO CLEANSING means you’re hiring the full service. From your specific account manager to waste treatment and recycling; HYDRO CLEANSING are in control of your drainage issue.

Providing constant wet waste removal for offshore for drilling work to connect wind farms to the national grid to surveying and providing disposal for the super sewer in London. The power and level of Hydro Cleansing’s commitment to getting these epic jobs done runs throughout the company down to thoroughly jetting a blocked toilet clear.

One day we’ll have Terminator on a space ship taking samples from the jets of Europa, for now Hydro Cleansing vacuum tanker hire is clearing up Earth’s flood risks!

terminator tanker hire

How HYDRO CLEANSING are so much more than CROSSRAIL Compliant

Hydro Cleansing have established a long relationship and benefit from working alongside various contractors on the delivery of Crossrail.  Being Crossrail compliant, Hydro Cleansing share the safety culture engendered by Crossrail.

crossrail logo

Drilling waste crossrail

Hydro Cleansing’s fleet of tankers have safety specifications to meet the highest Crossrail standards. Being compliant means recognising the need to protect cyclists, pedestrians and construction staff.


Crossrail’s compliance requirements are in harmony with Hydro Cleansing’s values.


Safety is a constant priority at HCL.


Crossrail expect it’s contractors to have a high standard of safety devices on their vehicles, this is why Hydro Cleansing have invested heavily in the best safety equipment available.

This includes:

  • 360 degree cameras
  • blind spot sensors exceed the standard required to be Crossrail compliant.

Terminator with bicycle


Our fleet in accordance with Crossrail  guidelines are all fitted with side under run guards.


Another key element in being Crossrail complaint is cycle safety. This is where Hydro Cleansing takes the standards to the next level. Hydro Cleansing campaign for cycle safety and are CLOCS Champions, meaning that we go above and beyond normal standards of safety to make sure that vulnerable road users are protected when using the nation’s highways.


Part of the development of Terminator, our newest, largest and most powerful vacuum tanker; involved creating a new warning sign for the back of our HGVs. It emphasises the presence of our fleet and sounds a warning as the trucks manoeuvre. We are continually striving raise the bar for cycle safety within the Industrial and Environmental wet waste market sector!


terminator tanker safety

This has Euro 6 and the highest safety standards. Back shot, with hazard warnings and back lit safety sign

From the time that Crossrail required compliance, Hydro Cleansing have not only complied with but exceeded the standards our commitment to those more vulnerable road users.


We’ve provided consistent and reliable support for their construction work and manage the wet waste disposal for much of Crossrail’s works.


HYDRO CLEANSING stand shoulder to shoulder with Crossrail in terms of upholding safety standards within the industry.

CASE STUDY: M56 Blocked Culvert Clean



We’ve been doing incredible work on the M56! MEGATRON, our brilliant industry leading vacuum tanker, was on site to clear a 1000mm blocked culvert! The trash screen that was present was severely damaged and was removed for us to access the huge culvert. It ran underneath the M56, 6 lanes + hard shoulders through to a farmer’s field. The huge tunnel was approximately 8m off the M56 carriageway. This was no access issue for Megatron’s powerful suction and Hydro Cleansing’s hose. We used a cofferdam to halt the flow of water and allow the confined space team to access the blocked culvert.

Confined Space at Blocked Culvert

6000 gallon bulk tanker removed the waste. Our fantastic confined space engineers cleared the huge culvert with extraordinary efficiency! You can’t beat our engineers for hard work and passion!

Over the past few years the silt had built up and blocked the inlet of the culvert this in turn meant that whenever it rained, it flooded the surrounding area/fields on the west bound carriageway. Hydro Cleansing cleared all the slit and debris from the blocked culvert and tipped slurry off site. The culvert is now free from debris and the stream free flowing. A new trash screen was installed.