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> Stopping Tree Roots from being a “Pain in the Drain”

Stopping Tree Roots from being a “Pain in the Drain”

Preventing tree roots from being a pain in the drain.

When tree roots become a pain in the drain.

Trees play an important in our Eco System.

Imagine a vacuum cleaner how it transforms your rug or floor.

Trees help maintain clean air by absorbing odours and toxic gases. Trees provide oxygen and approximately in a year, an acre of mature trees, provides enough oxygen for about 18 people.

We could list the benefits trees bring and could go on and on, but let’s get to the “root of the issue”.

A root is typically found below the surface providing the foundation for the tree.

A tree without a root is like a house without a foundation.  Whilst a root serves as a gain for a tree, it is a pain to drains.

Clearing perforated lines in Merton

Clearing perforated lines in Merton.

Don’t worry, because at Hydro Cleansing we understand that roots can be a pain to your drains.

Hydro Cleansing recently carried out some work at a major park in Merton.

The drains in the park were full of roots which caused flooding. A Super Combination unit, Bulk Tanker and Root Cutters were utilised at the site.

Hydro Cleansings were able to clear the perforated lines.

These perforated lines were heavily congested with a mixture of red clay and roots.

The Hydro Cleansing team did all they could to rectify the situation, but the drainage system had been severely damaged.

This case highlights the importance regular maintenance plays in maintaining any drainage system.

Having a large amount of vegetation in an area like a park is a good, but failing to carry out regular maintenance on your or any  drainage system, by the South East leading independently owned Environmental and Industrial Service provider can lead to expensive unforeseen problems “Prevention is BETTER than CURE”.

Act now and call our helpline on 0800 740 8888 for a quote to prevent an unforeseen expense it really is not a case of out of sight is out of mind.