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> Safety at Hydro Cleansing: Terminator, “I’m Here To Protect You.”

Safety at Hydro Cleansing: Terminator, “I’m Here To Protect You.”

Terminator Leads Safety Standards at Hydro Cleansing

terminator tanker safety

The largest and safest vacuum tanker!


Our managing director is giving a talk at Brake Fleet Safety Conference on Thursday. We’re very proud that our new tanker Terminator has the highest safety specifications possible. This is an ethic that runs through the company. Risk assessments are made and recommendations followed from the kettle to the deepest pump station shaft. The whole team is responsible for ensuring that a culture of safety is maintained.

Terminator cycle safety

Our MD is showing how safe the vehicle is for cyclists.


This builds a culture of respect and professionalism. Our experience and expertise develops with every job we do. Over 15 years as a company means our collective experience is awesome and constantly increasing.

Leading this culture of safety is our new flagship tanker, TERMINATOR. It’s safety specifications include: mirrors and 360 degree camera surveillance which is live fed to the driver; audible and illuminated “Beware vehicle turning, stay back” warning signs; and the fully enclosed body. The vehicle meets the Euro 6 emission standards. When on site it has incredible lighting to make working at night as safe as possible. It’s tanks and generator means that it can work where ever necessary.  With these specifications it raises the expectations for safety and increases Hydro cleansing’s vigilant culture.


terminator tanker safety

This has Euro 6 and the highest safety standards. Back shot, with hazard warnings and back lit safety sign


There is so much at stake in terms of safety, public health and the environment. We pride ourselves on being super heros of drainage. There isn’t anything we can’t handle!


We take Terminator II’s stance: We are here to protect you!