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> The difference between septic tank and cesspit

The difference between septic tank and cesspit


cesspit and septic tank emptying

You may rarely come across the terms: ‘septic’ and ‘cesspit.’ To most, this may be the first time you are stumbling upon these terms, as a possible problem with your septic tank or cesspit may have led you to this page. Don’t worry, you are not alone in attempting to find out the apparent difference that exists between these two close elements. Without further delay, let’s delve into the meaning and then establish the difference that exists therein.


Septic Tank: A septic tank is considered to be part of a sewage treatment system and does have an outlet that runs to a soak-away. They are believed to require emptying every 12 months.  We will now look at the cesspit before finding out the difference between these two.

Cesspit: A cesspit which is sometimes referred to as a cesspool could be viewed as a holding tank without an outlet. It is also not considered to be part of a sewage system. It is mainly used for the storage of wastes. In terms of maintenance, cesspits are required to be emptied regularly, approximately 45 days, based on the capacity and degree of use.   A cesspit is therefore believed to be an adhoc or temporary solution for areas that do not have main drainage or have incompatible or inappropriate ground conditions. It is a ready and appropriate solution for holiday homes and campsites.

In most cases, cesspits are fitted with an alarm that signals when it requires emptying. An alarm is believed to be the most desired method of examining the rising level in the cesspit, as taking off the lid can lead to the release of unpleasant and harmful gases, which could likely subdue an individual very quickly.

In the UK there are two types of cesspits, which are the domestic and commercials. The domestic is believed to start at about 18, 000 liters and does cater for approximately two people while the commercial starts at about 2,800 liters and go as far as 79,000 liters.


The difference between a Septic tank and a Cesspit

Based on the above, it is quite clear that septic is very different from cesspit. Firstly, septic is part of a sewage treatment why cesspit is a holding tank. In addition to this, septic does have an outlet while cesspit do not have any single outlet. Secondly, emptying septic is less frequent than cesspit- as the former is every 12 months and the later every 45 days.

It is also believed that septic is more common in permanent sites while cesspit is more utilized in holiday homes and campsites. A notable difference as well is that septic tanks are considered as a more preferred option due to their permanent nature whilst cesspits are viewed as temporal and last resort.

After reading the above, we hope you now have a bit of clarity around the subjects of septic and cesspit? It is important to state that cesspits can only be emptied by a licensed disposal carrier like Hydro cleansing. It is considered illegal for a non-license individual or body to carry out this service. Our septic tank and cesspit divisions are fully licensed and professionally equipped to help with your septic tank and cesspit services. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0208 689 3339 and the best part is that we are available 24/7.