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Rogue Traders

How to spot cowboy tradesmen and rogue traders…

First thing to remember is that regular maintenance is key. Not only is it cost effective in the long run but it can prevent those unwanted surprises such as blockages and floods, which can not only be expensive to deal with, but can cause problems and disruption to the general running of your business, for example.

If you do need a job doing though you will understandably want a company you can trust and if it’s a case of drain and sewer work Hydro Cleansing should be your first choice.

Always choose a professional contractor who is reliable and you feel comfortable dealing with.

Gather a number of quotes if need be but remember cheaper is not always better. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is.

Check that the tradesmen’s quotes cover all the work you require as well as materials, waste disposal and possibly a guarantee.

You can look for testimonies and reviews online from the contractor’s previous customers, if you wish, as this can give you a good idea as to whether they were happy with the final product.

Most companies , such as Hydro Cleansing, allow you to either call for a quote, request a call back or even request a site visit (depending on the type of work you require).

Lastly don’t forget to comment yourself on the work undertaken, telling the world how happy you are with it and ultimately the fact you chose Hydro Cleansing, for example.

Rogue Traders