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> Spring Cleaning Kent’s Soakaways

Spring Cleaning Kent’s Soakaways


The volatile issue of water management is under review. Flood prevention strategies are being drawn up by DEFRA but in the meanwhile what we can do is maintain the framework that is in place and make it as effective as possible. Clearing soakaways and gullies, developing new flood prevention and maintaining the sewers all contribute to keeping Kent safe. Kent has been dreadfully affected by the winter’s flooding. Hydro Cleansing is proud to have been there 24/7 clearing the flood water and keeping homes safe. Hopefully as Spring approaches the flooding will lessen.
















HCL, on behalf of Amey, are providing the backbone of drainage maintenance in the valleys of Kent. Some HGV drivers would fear to drive in the tracks of our HGVs, for fear of getting stuck at the bottom of a hill. Hydro Cleansing’s experienced engineers had no such trouble. We are determined to continue to maintain Kent’s infrastructure.

One of today’s jobs was to clear a soakaway and dispose of the waste.

Soakaway Kent2

As the lambs skipped, the rabbits ran and the pheasants dithered in front of the vehicles; HCL’s tanker made its way safely to the soakaway’s location. With the covers removed, the vacuuming and jetting began. The surface waste was taken away by vacuum suction. Once the remaining waste was of a density that could support a person; the engineers prepared for the confined space work. The engineer who would be entering the soakaway readied himself. He was secure in the dry suit. He wrapped the harness around his legs and arms and across his back. Prepared and up for it, he was attached to the winch and the Top Man began lowering him into the confined space. As he was lowered into the soakaway the harness held him tightly and a moment later he was knee deep in the sludge.
Confined Space1CS Soakaway


He directed the suction hose and jetted the weep holes. High pressure jetting loosened the silt and allowed it to be vacuumed away. An hour and a half later the soakaway was cleared. 7 tonnes of waste had been loaded onto the tanker for disposal.





























The weighted tanker drove steadily up the hill. Its chevrons gleamed in the lessening afternoon light as the gradient of the hill challenged its might. The tanker safely cleared the valley and took its load back to HCL for tipping into the waste treatment plant.

With professionalism, efficiency and determination the engineers delivered the results. You have to see the incredible power of our tankers to believe what they can do.