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CCTV drainage cameras

Technology within the Environmental sector is moving at a fast pace

A specialized device used for tracing drains .

Hydro Cleansing are embracing this technology, believing this provides added value and ultimately cost savings to our existing and new customers.

The SOND is used for detecting drains

Nowhere is the use of Technology more apparent than with drainage inspections – where Hydro Cleansing strongly believes prevention is better than cure.

Non Inspection of drainage systems both commercially and domestically can lead to unforeseen problems and ultimately an unforeseen expense, coupled with the inconvenience to your business or home life.

Hydro Cleansing have invested in SOND technology which sits alongside our advanced CCTV drainage inspection equipment. The addition of SOND technology provides the ability to locate and tracing drainage systems, its depth and direction without having to go to the inconvenience immediately of excavation.

For all your drainage inspection requirements using the latest technology call Hydro Cleansing on 0800 740 8888.