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How HYDRO CLEANSING are so much more than CROSSRAIL Compliant

Hydro Cleansing have established a long relationship and benefit from working alongside various contractors on the delivery of Crossrail.  Being Crossrail compliant, Hydro Cleansing share the safety culture engendered by Crossrail.

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Drilling waste crossrail

Hydro Cleansing’s fleet of tankers have safety specifications to meet the highest Crossrail standards. Being compliant means recognising the need to protect cyclists, pedestrians and construction staff.


Crossrail’s compliance requirements are in harmony with Hydro Cleansing’s values.


Safety is a constant priority at HCL.


Crossrail expect it’s contractors to have a high standard of safety devices on their vehicles, this is why Hydro Cleansing have invested heavily in the best safety equipment available.

This includes:

  • 360 degree cameras
  • blind spot sensors exceed the standard required to be Crossrail compliant.

Terminator with bicycle


Our fleet in accordance with Crossrail  guidelines are all fitted with side under run guards.


Another key element in being Crossrail complaint is cycle safety. This is where Hydro Cleansing takes the standards to the next level. Hydro Cleansing campaign for cycle safety and are CLOCS Champions, meaning that we go above and beyond normal standards of safety to make sure that vulnerable road users are protected when using the nation’s highways.


Part of the development of Terminator, our newest, largest and most powerful vacuum tanker; involved creating a new warning sign for the back of our HGVs. It emphasises the presence of our fleet and sounds a warning as the trucks manoeuvre. We are continually striving raise the bar for cycle safety within the Industrial and Environmental wet waste market sector!


terminator tanker safety

This has Euro 6 and the highest safety standards. Back shot, with hazard warnings and back lit safety sign

From the time that Crossrail required compliance, Hydro Cleansing have not only complied with but exceeded the standards our commitment to those more vulnerable road users.


We’ve provided consistent and reliable support for their construction work and manage the wet waste disposal for much of Crossrail’s works.


HYDRO CLEANSING stand shoulder to shoulder with Crossrail in terms of upholding safety standards within the industry.

Samsung Bike Week

In relation to our recent involvement with the London Fit for Cycling Mayoral Hustings and as part of the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK, Samsung Bike Week 2012, Steve Hoad of Hydro Cleansing, a member of the FTA, Freight Transport Association, is volunteering his time alongside Megatron’s on Saturday 23rd June from 10am-3pm at North End, Croydon.

HGV Awareness Training for cyclists, in association with the Metropolitan Police task force, will be on hand throughout the day to spread awareness and educate those who are keen to learn more about making a switch to cycling for their everyday journeys. Security tagging of bikes and other attractions will also be on hand on the day.

Working together to both inform drivers and cyclists, our belief is that both can work together in harmony, especially on the roads in and around the capital. Our aim is to spread Hydro Cleansing’s knowledge and understanding on how cycling can easily become part of everyday life and to ensure the safety of all road users.

Our fleet of HGV’s are all Crossrail Cycle Compliant and in line with the Mayor of London’s Cycle Action Plan have been fitted with: Fresnei lenses, side scan equipment, under run guards, warning signs for cyclists/pedestrians and Brigade reversing alarms which all ensure cyclist safety.