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The Twelve Days of Christmas With Hydro Cleansing | 1. Mega-Heat

“On the first day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me,
Hydro Cleansing’s Mega-Heat…”

The twelve day countdown to Christmas has officially begun, so to celebrate and boost our festive cheer, we will be posting on the blog EVERY DAY UNTIL CHRISTMAS! Each one of our posts will be specifically  focused around one of our services, starting with our very own Mega-Heat! So sit back, relax, and let the Hydro Cleansing Christmas content fest begin!

Put simply, Mega-Heat is a high pressure, high temperature  jetting service… however, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll see that it is so much more! It can reach temperatures of up to 105°C and jet at up to 3000psi. Worried about chemicals or damaging surfaces? Not with Mega-Heat! The power and heat that this impressive bit of kit combines make tackling oil spills, graffiti or dirty guttering fast and hassle free for our expert engineers, without having to use any abrasive or chemical products.

Mega-Heat is one of our key fleet members that we use to tackle a variety of problems around London and the South East. From blasting off chewing gum on the busy streets of our capital, to making industrial machinery sparkle, we offer unrivalled efficiency and manoeuvrability. This is in part thanks to our unique van mounting; usually a unit with these capabilities would be carried on the back of a trailer, or by a team. By custom mounting ours into the van, we are able to access and start work immediately. This cuts down response time, the number of vehicles needed and ultimately the time needed to complete the job.

Some of the jobs that Mega-Heat can be used for are:

Graffiti Removal
– Concrete Cleaning –
– Gutter Cleaning –
– Stone & Building Cleaning –
Oil, Fat & Grease Removal
– Floor Cleaning –
– Chewing Gum Removal –
– Paint Removal –

Check out what we achieved in Limehouse in two hours with one engineer using Mega-Heat…

mega-heat graffiti on wall beforemega-heat graffiti on wall after

Job done!

Culvert Cleaning: Prevention over cure every time!

We’ve completed some preventative work on the M25 today. Megatron has been showing its power.

The issue was an almost blocked culvert between two large balancing ponds that went under the M25. The culvert was full of multiple kinds of waste.  It must have created a stench as well as endangering the M25 with potential flooding. With access away from the hard shoulder, our vehicles were able to park safely and our engineers, in full PPE, were able to tackle the job directly.

Dirty culvert 2

Clean Culvert


















Our engineers who were wearing chest waders and full PPE set to work. Firstly, the engineers set up sandbags to absorb the excess silt leaving the pipe on one side. They removed the grate, clearing away the larger rubbish, the plastic gloves, crisp packets etc.

Once the Culvert was clear enough, we could bring in the jetting and vacuuming equipment. Then our powerful tankers got to work!  Our Megatron super vacuum tanker handled this job adeptly. One of our 4000 litre tankers supplied the water.


Megatron and friend














The epic jetting and vacuuming happened:



culvert jetting


















The pressure was incredible! It’s easy to look at jetting and expect it to be that impressive. That this power comes from two tankers working together to provide sufficient water flow and pressure is a remarkable feat of engineering.

Once completed, our CCTV Survey operators send in the remote control camera to check for any remaining blockages and any damage that the culvert may have. Once we have established that all is well; our tankers return the waste to our site for full disposal.

The waste will be disposed of on our site. The waste disposal unit at Hydro Cleansing recycles up to 99% of the waste we take in. It is sieved and pressed and sieved and pressed until the waste is so fully compacted that it can safely be sent to landfill.



























We came, we saw, we jetted, we checked, we documented!

It’s a thorough and powerful job from Hydro Cleansing. If you have a similar issue, give us a call.

























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Blocked Drains

Hydro Cleansing are now offering blocked drain services from £65, within London.

We recognise that a blocked drain at the wrong time, in the wrong place, can have a major impact.

So whatever the problem, the nature or location we have the expertise, the drain jetting technology and the manpower to resolve the situation and keep your business running, or your home safe.

Contact us now on: 08082565844

Find out more here or visit our dedicated blocked drain website here.

Blocked Drains