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Superb Super Sewer Preparation

We’ve been working on the Super Sewer, enabling the works to go ahead providing in depth CCTV surveys and cleaning.

Our engineers were down in Bazalgette’s original tunnel’s carrying out the necessary CCTV surveillance to enable the construction work to begin. Every crack and leak was recorded.

The surveys provided a level of detail that allowed the client to make necessary repairs within the existing rock. A stronger and safer system will be the result as they start works on the Super Sewers.

With the beautiful pictures of the grand super sewer and how the media have pitched it as a bright new dawn for London’s drainage, it would be easy to forget the ugliness of the job.

london sewer


When our engineers were asked the question,“What was it like surveying for the Super Sewer?”

A typical response was, “Bloody horrible, to be honest!”

Walking through raw sewage is never fun. The necessary work we undertook, has enabled the construction of the Super Sewer for London to go ahead.

London is an incredibly beautiful city. That its sewage has been managed by a 150 year old system is an example of extraordinary Victorian engineering. The 21st Century’s contribution: the Super Sewer is taking on the mantle of keeping one of the world’s leading cities running clean.











The level of engineering required is astounding. Shafts over 60m deep will join existing pumping stations to the super sewer. The main treatment works will be at Beckton where the waste water will be processed and reused.

Beckton Sewage Treatment Works


We can’t understate the impact and importance of the London Super Sewer. It’s a fantastic addition to the London sewer system, Sir Joseph Bazalgette would be proud.


Hydro Cleansing Cycle Awareness

Tom Blake (MP) Cycles to Hydro Cleansing

Tom Blake (MP) Cycles to Hydro Cleansing

This morning Hydro Cleansing Limited held a very successful HGV Cycle Awareness training session for all drivers, operational staff and Directors.

The session was delivered at 7am by Sergeant Simon Castle from the Metropolitan Police ‘Exchanging Places’ scheme at their premises HCL

House, Beddington Farm Road, Croydon.  In attendance were Chris Snelling (head of Urban Logistic and Regional Policy) from the Freight Transport Association, Jack Semple from the Road Haulage Association and Tom Brake (MP).










Cycle Awareness Training Session

Cycle Awareness Training Session


Hydro Cleansing are supporting over the next 3 days, three Exchanging Places’ scheme sessions by lending to the MET Police several of their HGV Vehicles. This reinforces Hydro Cleansing’s policy of taking cyclists in London safety very seriously following death of 6 cyclists in 13 days.


Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places Scheme

Metropolitan Police Exchanging Places Scheme


Sergeant Simon Castle Talking About Cyclist Awareness

Sergeant Simon Castle Talking About Cyclist Awareness

Kingston Fatberg

Over the past few weeks you can’t have escaped the press coverage that has surrounded the now infamous fatberg lurking under Kingston, southwest London. If you have then you’ve most probably been hiding down a sewer yourself! The supposed ‘bus sized’ fatberg could have potentially pushed raw sewage up into homes and onto the streets of Kingston but how has this been allowed to happen?

Weighing in at a reported 15 tonnes this mount of congealed fat, oil and grease mixed with other revolting waste products was brought to the attention of local water authorities after local residents complained about having difficulty flushing their toilets. But how can its weight have been calculated when it hadn’t even been removed.  Surely the actual weight of a fatberg cannot be decided properly until the job is complete?

Subject to contrary belief we believe the fatberg is yet to be fully removed and in fact weighs a lot less than 15 tonne. Without the necessary equipment and technical know-how the removal of this particular fatberg will take a lot longer than expected, all the while still causing problems for local residents. Time and investment are an essential requirement when it comes to preparing yourself to undertake such specialist works. Megatron is a textbook example of this.

Megatron was commissioned back in 2008 when Hydro Cleansing invested over half a million pounds engineering this wastewater monster to our own personal spec. From our perspective we had three main objectives we wanted to achieve:

  1. Increase the capability of a single onsite vehicle, which also reduces our environmental impact and carbon footprint
  2. Cope with the inevitable migration from planned to reactive works
  3. Time efficiency, reducing job turnaround times

With Megatron now undertaking works that were previously relinquished, and with more units in the pipeline, Hydro Cleansing are more than capable of embarking on any major works or specialist projects all the while alleviating any concerns that the job is to big or can’t be done at all.

Kingston Fatberg

Image taken from www.theguardian.com