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Who is Behind the Pristine Tarmac at Silverstone? Mega Sweep!

Man and Road Sweeper

This elite racing venue is renowned for its world class track. Silverstone is home to the British Grand Prix from 1950 and has also hosted some exceptional truck racing events. Mega Sweep was removing any dust, mud, silt or oil that had built up on Silverstone’s tamac. Hydro Cleansing are delighted to work with the estate to maintain the standards of excellence.

Fallen leaves don’t settle on Silverstone when Hydro Cleansing are around! We run a tight ship! Compared to the regular roads of London, with their chewing gum, rubble, piles of leaves strewn across the urban thoroughfares, mud, oil and tyre marks that undermine the impressive nature of the city; Silverstone is road hygiene heaven! MEGA SWEEP will clean every road in the country given half a chance!

Road Sweeper at Silverstone

Our engineer attended in the early hours to complete the work before Silverstone’s day officially began. Our engineers are brilliant and take enormous pride in their work. They record the state of the site before they begin work and the results after it’s completed. The difference is stunning! We’re the people behind the scenes, we make it all run smoothly! God is in the detail and Hydro Cleansing are right in there with him! Not a speck remained!

Road sweeper dawn

Not even the Great Fire of London can erode the resilience of the capital!

The great fire of London set alight the pride of a city which bounces back from whatever disaster the world can throw at it! London is one of the most resilient and unflappable cities in the world. Hydro Cleansing are very proud to work with so many prestigious London institutions. From the Royal Parks to Thames Water, to Downing Street and the Super Sewer; we’ve worked across the length and breadth of the city. Not only that but we’ve fixed simple domestic problems and helped to deliver some of the most ambitious projects in wet waste management.

London downing street

After the great fire of London the city revived it’s spirit in a matter of weeks and began to develop into Sir Christopher Wren’s vision of it. After that Sir Joseph Bazalgette took the elegance of Wren’s design underground! He delivered the most revolutionary sewer system in the world.Spectacular Sewers













The foresight of Bazalgette is well documented and something that Hydro Cleansing aspire to.

Above ground, the city was still knee deep in waste. Road sweepers earned a respectable living and this developed into the awesome machines we have. Mega Sweep is a planned and reactive service. Working out of Croydon, our sweepers will go anywhere! Of course Hydro Cleansing wants world domination for our Road Sweepers! The Mega Sweeps are awesomely powerful and have an incredible 8 tonne capacity! We’ll always remain loyal to Croydon, Sutton and London but we’ll take them anywhere! From Azerbaijan to Zanzibar; from the Isle of Wight to the white cliffs of Dover, Mega Sweep will clear the leaves, debris, flood waste, oil etc. of the whole world!

Road Sweeper


London will always survive and so will Hydro Cleansing!


Hydro Cleansing Succeeds Where King Canute Couldn’t

Our Road Sweepers are Holding Back the Sea

The shore at Rye has been attacked by marauders and smugglers over the centuries. It was defended by Camber Castle and the navy; now neither can do anything. The attack is from the sea itself. It is causing the shoreline to shift and endangering the protected habitat beyond the beach.

It is King Canute’s millennium old challenge of holding back the sea. Thankfully Rye Nature Reserve has more determination than Canute and are protecting their beach from coastal erosion.


Rye are employing dumper trucks to take tonnes of shingle down the beach. It accumulates beside the harbour wall and they deposit it back where it can absorb the power of the waves. What King Canute made a point of establishing as an absolute; Rye Nature Reserve are turning on its head. They are preventing the tide from controlling the beach.
Our road sweepers’ role in this is to sweep up debris that falls from the dumper trucks. Naturally as the trucks shake and turn along the beach road they drop some of the pebbles. The nature of the debris means it is a task beyond the power of the average road sweeper.  They are dense round objects which are difficult to pick up without powerful suction. Compare blowing away a leaf with blowing away a stone, it difficult to get air underneath them.  As our road sweepers are some of the most powerful available and are equipped with high pressure jets, they have no problem removing the debris and leaving a clear path. We then tip the stones in the desired location.


Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is one of our special regular jobs. The people there have a passion to maintain the rich habitats and protect endangered wildlife. Hydro Cleansing are proud to play a crucial role in holding back the sea.