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Not even the Great Fire of London can erode the resilience of the capital!

The great fire of London set alight the pride of a city which bounces back from whatever disaster the world can throw at it! London is one of the most resilient and unflappable cities in the world. Hydro Cleansing are very proud to work with so many prestigious London institutions. From the Royal Parks to Thames Water, to Downing Street and the Super Sewer; we’ve worked across the length and breadth of the city. Not only that but we’ve fixed simple domestic problems and helped to deliver some of the most ambitious projects in wet waste management.

London downing street

After the great fire of London the city revived it’s spirit in a matter of weeks and began to develop into Sir Christopher Wren’s vision of it. After that Sir Joseph Bazalgette took the elegance of Wren’s design underground! He delivered the most revolutionary sewer system in the world.Spectacular Sewers













The foresight of Bazalgette is well documented and something that Hydro Cleansing aspire to.

Above ground, the city was still knee deep in waste. Road sweepers earned a respectable living and this developed into the awesome machines we have. Mega Sweep is a planned and reactive service. Working out of Croydon, our sweepers will go anywhere! Of course Hydro Cleansing wants world domination for our Road Sweepers! The Mega Sweeps are awesomely powerful and have an incredible 8 tonne capacity! We’ll always remain loyal to Croydon, Sutton and London but we’ll take them anywhere! From Azerbaijan to Zanzibar; from the Isle of Wight to the white cliffs of Dover, Mega Sweep will clear the leaves, debris, flood waste, oil etc. of the whole world!

Road Sweeper


London will always survive and so will Hydro Cleansing!


Superb Super Sewer Preparation

We’ve been working on the Super Sewer, enabling the works to go ahead providing in depth CCTV surveys and cleaning.

Our engineers were down in Bazalgette’s original tunnel’s carrying out the necessary CCTV surveillance to enable the construction work to begin. Every crack and leak was recorded.

The surveys provided a level of detail that allowed the client to make necessary repairs within the existing rock. A stronger and safer system will be the result as they start works on the Super Sewers.

With the beautiful pictures of the grand super sewer and how the media have pitched it as a bright new dawn for London’s drainage, it would be easy to forget the ugliness of the job.

london sewer


When our engineers were asked the question,“What was it like surveying for the Super Sewer?”

A typical response was, “Bloody horrible, to be honest!”

Walking through raw sewage is never fun. The necessary work we undertook, has enabled the construction of the Super Sewer for London to go ahead.

London is an incredibly beautiful city. That its sewage has been managed by a 150 year old system is an example of extraordinary Victorian engineering. The 21st Century’s contribution: the Super Sewer is taking on the mantle of keeping one of the world’s leading cities running clean.











The level of engineering required is astounding. Shafts over 60m deep will join existing pumping stations to the super sewer. The main treatment works will be at Beckton where the waste water will be processed and reused.

Beckton Sewage Treatment Works


We can’t understate the impact and importance of the London Super Sewer. It’s a fantastic addition to the London sewer system, Sir Joseph Bazalgette would be proud.


The reality of Bazalgette’s Victorian Sewers – Confined Space Work

Ever thought that Confined Space work was cool?

Well you were correct, of course it is. Confined Space work involves a wide range of situations; from searching for tunnels in prisons to cleaning the tanks of ferries; from the egg shaped, brick Victorian sewers to modern Super Sewers.

It involves 3-5 people on a single job: someone at the top of the drain, tank, or hole; at least one person down in the space and a third rescue person, as a backup for the person at the top. The jobs are often more complex and require more people in the spaces.

confined space

















Sometimes the sewers don’t run smooth and some of Bazalgette’s sewer’s have had to be repaired with much less aesthetically pleasing pipework. We’ve been down surveying the one’s which has required this.

trunk sewerTideway









The Victorian structure will not have to take the full weight of London for much longer. The Tideway Super Sewer system will soon be in place and will take the load off the brick sewers.