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terminator vacuum tanker


Terminator is the newest tanker developed for Hydro Cleansing’s fleet. This world class unit is designed to work on the largest of industrial projects. With a world leading spec including two awesome liquid ring pumps, state of the art recycling system, and extraordinary hydro demolition capability, this tanker will be one of the most powerful ever! The name TERMINATOR is deserved!


Terminator’s build has been an epic 2 year journey, full of highs, challenges and innovation.

The beast was commissioned by Steve Hoad and designed between himself and Whale Tankers, Kaiser, Tekelite, and Scania. It’s an international collaboration which has resulted in one of the most exciting HGVs ever produced. As it is an incredibly powerful vacuum tanker its capabilities are extraordinary. Mark Warmington, Managing Director of Whale Tankers, said:  “This is the largest recycler we’ve ever built and the first vehicle to feature twin Kaiser 4000i vacuum pumps. The pumps can work both individually or together and there is a third pump which is a rotary vane exhauster that will provide pressure at 1 bar as well as additional vacuum.

Welding tanker

Safety was a major priority for this vehicle. Terminator was designed to be one of the safest possible HGVs. As standards for HGV safety in London increase, HCL wanted TERMINATOR to be ahead of the curve. As panelled as possible, with 360 degree camera visibility, extensive lighting, warning signs and extra training for the engineers; Hydro Cleansing are leaders in HGV Health & Safety.


Finally our new tanker, Terminator is ready to be unleashed into the world! We can’t wait to get it stuck into epic jobs and change the face of European wet waste management. Rainmaker and Megatron have led the field and now Terminator will take things one step further.7V7A6649