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Sewer Tour

Visiting Europe this year for the weekend or for a summer holiday?

Fancy doing something a little different, venturing underground into the unknown on a sewer tour?

Flip-flops are not recommended and it may be a little smelly but it’s simple, fun and inexpensive.

You can choose from any of the following destinations to start your European Sewer Safari:

Paris, France

Brussels, Belgium

Vienna, Austria

Prague, Czech Republic

Rome, Italy

London, Manchester & Brighton, UK

Barcelona, Spain

Hamburg & Trier, Germany

Emmen, Holland

To find out more click the image below for more information on tours in your desired destination:

Sewer Tour

Confined Space

Hydro Cleansing‘s confined space engineers repeatedly venture into the unknown on every job they undertake.

Ranging from the complete unknown to slips, trips and falls, confined space work can be extremely dangerous for those without the necessary experience and expertise, which fortunately our engineers possess.

Obviously problems and obstacles such as poor lighting, unstable structures, free flowing solids and dangerous / hazardous substances are regular occurrences which our confined space engineers have to overcome.

As well as the usual confined space entry work here are just a few slightly different jobs our confined space engineers have completed:

  • Underground plastering
  • Underground plumbing and heating pipe installation
  • Mussel removal from an underground tunnel

To find out more about the confined space services we offer visit our website www.confined-space.com or call us now on 0808 256 5844

Confined Space