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… the weather is set to change this weekend as temperatures drop.

Britain should prepare as the Met Office has warned of a rare weather phenomenon which is affecting the whole country.

A pleasant start to 2013 is set to subside this weekend as temperatures are expected to drop below zero, with the possibility of snow showers.

The weather expected is linked to changes in the upper atmosphere known at Sudden Stratospheric Warming, which is commonly followed by a cold period.

With warm air pushing in from the west and cold air pushing in from the east, the combination it is likely to lead to snow across most of the country on Saturday, Sunday and early next week.

The mild and wet weather we’ve experienced since the New Year saw unseasonably high temperatures and is to be replaced by the freezing cold, sleet and snow unfortunately.

The last time we experienced a SSW it caused large amounts of snow to fall.


Frozen pipes

With the weather as unpredictable as it is, this winter make sure you’re not at risk of frozen or burst pipes.

Here we outline the impact the cold can have and what can be done to prevent or deal with any problems that may arise.

The best thing to do keep your heating on and run cold taps regularly. This is extremely important for vacant properties – keep the heating on or make sure the system has been fully drained… otherwise it will freeze. Even lagged pipes can freeze where there are parts that are unheated. Insulation and lagging are only a barrier.

If your pipes freeze the most important thing to do is switch the stop-cock off, straight away. Then just let nature take its course, waiting for things to warm up. If your pipes do freeze, get a professional in to trace all the pipework for splits. Otherwise, when the weather warms up and the pipes start to thaw, you may get a leak. Pay special attention to copper pipes as they can easily burst.

There are many dangers of DIY thawing so we would suggest avoiding this option.

Homeowners should double check that they are covered on their home insurance for flood damage, from a plumbing malfunction.

This is not the worst winter we’ve experienced on record but it hasn’t finished with us yet. Fortunately though it’s less likely that pipes will burst nowadays because of central heating.

If you need work done use a recommended trader and make sure you check the credentials of anyone who knocks on your door.

Frozen pipes

Culvert Cleaning

Allowing water to pass underneath trails, roads, railways and embankments a culvert is a device used to channel and direct water, each varying significantly in size. Hydro Cleansing are specialists in cleaning and servicing culverts, operating a fleet of tankers that have the power and technology capable of tackling the most intricate, complex drainage system using of our high pressure jets and high powered vacuums.

Important in defending and protecting road beds, ditches, banks, pathways and embankments by collecting and channelling excess water, strategically placed culverts help ease  flooding, reducing erosion while helping to divert run off water to larger filtering areas. They play an important role, requiring regular servicing and maintenance, ensuring they work efficiently.

Regularly inspecting culverts, especially during seasons of heavy rainfall, is very important. Inspecting for signs of erosion, joint separation, bottom sag, pipe blockage, piping, fill settling, cavitation of fill, sediment build-up and the effectiveness of the inlet and outlet are essential. Our specialist engineers are experienced in all stages of servicing and maintaining culverts.

The experience we have behind us, has led to us consistently being able to provide an unrivalled service based upon dependability, efficiently completing the job in the minimum time possible, keeping costs and disruption right down.

If you wish to learn more on how we can help you with any culvert related issues visit our dedicated Culvert Cleaning website: www.culvert-cleaning.co.uk or call our head office on 080 256 5844

Culvert Cleaning