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Vacuum Tanker Hire is a Galactic Necessity! Europa Needs Wet Waste Management!

Jets of water on Europa

Wet waste management is a galactic problem. Hydro Cleansing and Whale tankers haven’t yet found the limits of Terminator’s abilities so they’re considering sending him to Europa to deal with the waste water from the astounding 200km plumes of water.

Hydro Cleansing do have our attention focused on resolving the wet waste issues here on earth! As flooding is increasing here, vacuum tanker hire is essential. Galactic thinking is important for delivering effective management of the increasing environmental issues on earth but right here, right now, getting a vacuum tanker to clean your culvert and deliver you a well flowing sewer is the best practical impact we can make for you!

Megatron and bulk tanker

Megatron vacuum tanker hire and Bulk


The vacuum tankers at Hydro Cleansing are the best! They are the most powerful! No other tankers deliver the full results. Our tankers provide unlimited waste removal. They support the most major construction works that build up the infrastructure of UK energy and drainage. Choosing a tanker hire from HYDRO CLEANSING means you’re hiring the full service. From your specific account manager to waste treatment and recycling; HYDRO CLEANSING are in control of your drainage issue.

Providing constant wet waste removal for offshore for drilling work to connect wind farms to the national grid to surveying and providing disposal for the super sewer in London. The power and level of Hydro Cleansing’s commitment to getting these epic jobs done runs throughout the company down to thoroughly jetting a blocked toilet clear.

One day we’ll have Terminator on a space ship taking samples from the jets of Europa, for now Hydro Cleansing vacuum tanker hire is clearing up Earth’s flood risks!

terminator tanker hire

RIO’S OUTSTANDING OLYMPICS! With some wet waste drama!

Staggering success for Great Britains’ Olympic team makes this Olympics the greatest! London 2012 had a massive impact on the country’s sporting culture, but Rio’s results are outstanding! From blue to green and back to blue the wet waste maintenance overcame their challenges too! Athletes came from nowhere to claim Gold medals, new stars shone with world records, set personal bests and won the most medals EVER!

Adam Peaty wins in  Rio Olympics


Adam Peaty, the women’s hockey team, Andy Murray, the Brownlee brothers, Mo Farah and Max Whitlock cement their stardom!

Rio 2016’s wet waste management team also overcame major challenges to succeed.

The now infamous green pool was saved from the algae and returned to a dazzling blue by the maintenance team.

Blue and Green Wet waste issue in diving pool Olympic pool returned to Blue







The controversy of petrol station graffiti/drive by robbery with the US swimmers let the world know that not only was a petrol station in Rio De Janerio up to standard with its petrol interceptor, they also weren’t about to be walked over by the swimmers!
cctv rio olympics Dangerous sailing conditions were dealt with and the competitions went ahead. The kayaking course maintained its flow and meant an awesome GB win for Olympian Joseph Clarke!

Hydro Cleansing held our own as Megatron raced Usain Bolt with vacuum suction, confined space crews competed against the sailing teams for risk management and Mo Farah’s speed equalled our super combination units’ interceptor cleaning!

Interceptor empty in Car park

Mo Farah wins at Rio


Wild, Orange and Extremely Competent! Hydro Cleansing Are Your Festival Maintenance Saviours!

Bouncing up and down to your absolute favourite band is incredible until someone pees in the middle of the crowd because the toilets are more disgusting than the field of mud! Festival maintenance and cleaning are key to the fun not running out!


Festival toilets are unavoidable. From people having heart attacks to falling asleep to having sex in them, porta loos are frequently the saddest, oddest and most disgusting of places. Amid the joy and jubilation of festival time, the toilets require festival people to undergo a grim ordeal.

How can this be managed, contained and made as safe and acceptable as possible?

Maintenance, regular cleaning and quality service!

Hydro Cleansing have been managing wet waste for 16 years and are experts in removing and cleaning up wet waste. Jetting the porta loos, removing surface water, mud and emptying cess pits are epic festival maintenance tasks that Hydro Cleansing are more than happy to deal with for you!

Mucking about in wellies is another classic festival experience. For organisers making sure it’s safe for the wild things to play in is essential!


mud girl


Have a flood plan in place! When it rains, drainage and flood response need to be considered. Removing the liquid mud prevents having fun in the muck from turning into a dangerous situation.

Cleaning Mud Maintenance

How do you avoid scaring the festival goers memories with wet waste management troubles?


Have a flood plan.

Have a comprehensive toilet facilities strategy.

Plan the clean up.


Then get someone else to do it! Get the experts to deal with it!

Road sweeper at London marathon

Wild parties need wild trucks! We’ll provide the wet waste maintenance.

As festival goers revel in Stevie Wonder’s set, we’ll keep the loos clean and safe to use.

Then you just sell the pulled pork pancakes and enjoy the party!