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> TERMINATOR: The Largest Vacuum Tanker Launch

TERMINATOR: The Largest Vacuum Tanker Launch

Hydro Cleansing are launching their newest vacuum tanker TERMINATOR at the CV show on Tuesday 26th April. It’ll be the largest vacuum tanker on the largest Scania Chassis ever built in the UK. It’ll be taking on the largest wet waste disposal projects in Europe!


With the Super Sewer being built in London to take over from Bazalgette’s revolutionary sewer system built in the 1850’s, there is a need to develop efficient ways to maintain this incredible feat of engineering. Super Combination Vacuum Tankers currently fulfil this role and these are few and far between. With the Super sewer having depths of up to 100m, the majority of these tankers will need to evolve, to manage the risk of flooding to these sections of the sewer.

Vacuum Tankers themselves have been round for over two centuries. The first of them was an awesome step forward in Georgian engineering. The Georgians created a vacuum on horse drawn trailers; the most well known of these was a Merryweather vacuum tanker.

In simple terms Vacuum Tankers draw up liquid waste by creating a vacuum within a tank.

Hydro Cleansing, based in Croydon, have been at the forefront of the innovation of these units for over a decade.

Megatron, built in 2010, was a revolutionary vehicle. It was the most powerful vacuum tanker at the time and many questioned whether it would work. It surpassed every expectation. Jobs that would have taken weeks, took days.

Normal combination tankers have a mechanical pump rotary vein. Hydro Cleansing’s super combination tankers feature liquid ring vacuum pumps to ensure a powerful vacuum is maintained. What is required of the unit varies but for the toughest pump station empties Hydro Cleansing’s Megatron unit can move 6000 cubic feet of air per minute. This creates astoundingly efficient and powerful vacuum suction.

The newest vacuum tanker on the block is Hydro Cleansing’s Terminator, being unveiled at the Commercial Vehicle Show, week commencing 25 April, at the NEC in Birmingham.


Terminator is an international collaboration. Built and designed in the UK, on a Scania Chassis and with Kasier parts, it again raises the bar for vacuum tankers and increases the potential for future construction projects.

The Super Sewer’s maintenance will be catered for as well as other similar projects throughout Europe by Hydro Cleansing’s Terminator. It continues the innovation within the Drainage Infrastructure established by Bazalgette over 150 years ago.

Amazing terminator tanker