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> Thunderstorms could lead to flooding

Thunderstorms could lead to flooding

thunderstorm brings about rainfall that could cause floodingThunderstorm is considered to be among the most dramatic weather phenomenon in the world. A thunderstorm is an array of rapid electrical discharges, which emanate from atmospheric conditions. This tends to lead to flashes of light and trembling sound waves, which are conceived as thunder and lightning. Thunderstorms are commonly followed-up by precipitation.

The rise of thunderstorms:

When the atmosphere becomes unstable, there tends to be the emergence of thunderstorms. The formation of this thunderstorm is as a result of a very systematic process, which witnesses how warm air exists beneath much colder air. It is also stated that as the warm air consistently rise, the water vapour will rapidly shape into cumulonimbus cloud. The interesting point is that the cumulonimbus clouds can be formed in less than 60 minutes.

With a brief background to the formation of thunderstorms, it is believed that they are products of the severe heating of the earth’s surface. That’s why they are generally common in areas of hot and humid weather. In the UK, thunderstorms are more prevalent in the East Midlands and the South-East of England.

In most cases, thunderstorm leads to a persistent band of heavy downpours which could lead to flooding in some areas.  Essentially, the rainfall from the thunderstorm is believed to cause flash floods. It is to this regard that the Met office, released a thunderstorm warning for the weekend commencing the 12th of June, 2015. A yellow “be aware” warning has been issued by forecasters in view of the thunderstorms and heavy rain that are set to hit the UK this weekend.

At Hydro Cleansing, we understand that the rise of thunderstorms could lead to heavy rains. This heavy rain could in-turn be a prelude to flash floods. Our expert emergency flood response team are trained and equipped to deal with any issue of flooding.  The services we offer comprises of flood prevention, clean-up and removal.

For your flood related services please contact our helpline on 0800 740 8888