Hydro Cleansing's Newsletter - June 2013

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MP Tom Brake recently welcomed our expansion...

Tom Brake | Hydro Cleansing

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...after officially opening our new office on Endeavour Way, Beddington. Steve Hoad, Managing Director of Hydro Cleansing, commented “this expansion justifies the huge investment we have made in revolutionary technologies. This expansion is the next step in developing our businesses and more job opportunities in the area."

We recognise that a blocked drain at the wrong time, in the wrong place, can have a major impact...

Blocked Drain | Hydro Cleansing

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Our experience of drain unblocking and
CCTV drainage surveying has seen us prevent a variety of disasters which have ultimately led to us investing so heavily in equipment and training.

CCTV Drainage Surveys | Hydro Cleansing

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So, whatever the problem, the nature or location we have the expertise, the drain jetting technology and the manpower to locate the blockage, resolve the situation and keep your business running or your home safe.

Happy Birthday to you...

Megatron Birthday Cake | Hydro Cleansing

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Steve Hoad, celebrated his birthday on Saturday (1st June) and Megatron celebrates its 2nd today, Tuesday 4th June, so what better way to celebrate it than ordering this amazing cake from Shelley's Cakes, Kent.

Truckfest 2013 & Jack the Giant Slayer...

Truckfest 2013 | Hydro Cleansing

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Earlier this month Hydro Cleansing attended Truckfest, Peterborough for the 2nd year running. Megatron made its usual appearance, along with The Rainmaker and Jack the Giant Slayer was officially unveiled.

Truckfest 2013 | Hydro Cleansing

Discover our fleet...

Established in 2000 with just £800 of Steve's own money, we are now the South East’s leading industrial and environmental specialists. In little more than a decade, we have grown into a fleet of 70+ vehicles, using the most advanced technologies to deliver exceptional service.

(Steve still actively plays a hands on role within the company, day to day as Managing Director)

If you require any further information about our services or you simply wish to learn more about Hydro Cleansing visit our website or call us now on: 0808 256 8074

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