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The English Channel Challenge

The English Channel Challenge | Hydro Cleansing

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Nick, the former soldier, almost bled to death when he was wounded by an attack. In aid of injured comrades Nick and his brother Jason embarked on a record breaking 120 non-stop row across from Dorset to Jersey, raising money for Help for Heroes.

We are proud to have sponsored such a great pair of lads!

Introducing Mega Heat, offering the fastest & most cost effective way of surface remediation and cleaning...

Mega Heat | Hydro Cleansing

Mega Heat

Mega Heat is equipped to handle:

- Oil, fat and grease removal

- Stone and building cleaning

- Graffiti and chewing gum removal

-Fat and grease trap emptying

- Chasis steam cleaning

- Waste area and walkway cleaning

Mega Heat | Hydro Cleansing

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Our high pressure jets remove the build up of debris and waste in the most efficient and systematic way possible.


We don't use any chemical cleaning solutions, which is not only environmentally friendly but also means that our products do not produce any chemicals that could be potentially corrosive or harmful.

What a lovely start to the week!

Cory Brand | Hydro Cleansing

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Received this thank you card from Cory Brand and his family yesterday which really made our day.


We met Cory and his family at Truckfest last month where he visited our stand and was able to experience what it was like to sit inside one of our cabs.

Andy's Fight Against Cancer

Andy's Fight Against Cancer | Hydro Cleansing


Hydro Cleansing are continuing to support the campaign for Andy Young until a satifactory result is reached.


We want to raise as much publicity and awareness as possible, helping to rectify the situation.

Andy's Fight Against Cancer | Hydro Cleansing

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Incase you were not already aware Andy is terminally ill and has been given under a year to live.

His insurance company has refused to pay out on the critical illness part of the policy as the policy has less than 18 months left to run.
This money would have made his last few months a lot easier.

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