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Andy's Fight Against Cancer campaign continues...

Andy's Fight Against Cancer | Hydro Cleansing

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Hydro Cleansing are continuing to run and support the campaign for Andy Young until a satifactory result has been reached.


We want to raise as much publicity and awareness as possible, helping to rectify the situation.

Andy's Fight Against Cancer | Hydro Cleansing

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You may have already seen his story in the press but if not you will do as support continues to flood in.


We can't do it without you though so please 'like' and share the Facebook page and if your a 'tweeter' why not follow us at @Andys_Page!


Vehicles for Sale

VW Crafter | Hydro Cleansing

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Here you will find a range of vehicles for sale. Currently up for sale are a VW Crafter and a Toyota iQ, among many others.


Call James on 020 8689 3339 or email forsale@hydro-cleansing.com

Confined Space Division

Confined Space Division | Hydro Cleansing

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Our Confined Space Division provides confined space services, cleaning, inspections and rescue teams throughout London and the South East of England. Whether it’s a culvert, tunnel or pump station that needs cleaning, maintaining or an inspection our engineers have the knowledge and experience needed to complete the job with ease.

Confined Space Division | Hydro Cleansing

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By nominating us to your site we will ensure that your job will be correctly risk assessed and that equipment and rescue procedures are consistent with all industry requirements for confined space entry.


Operational 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year, feel free to contact us anytime for an instant quote.

Megatron the wastewater monster

Megatron | Hydro Cleansing

Megastrong Megatron

Clearly Megatron is a step outside the normal expectations of the market, but so are the results of the work undertaken. For those clients out there, that recognise the full financial consequence of lost productivity, and the opportunity to reduce maintenance spend by achieving new levels of cleanliness, there is no match to Megatron.

If you require any further information about our services or you simply wish to learn more about Hydro Cleansing visit our website or call us now on: 0808 256 8074

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