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Andy's Battle | Hydro Cleansing

Sign the petition

Sign the petition helping us make a difference to the Andy Young story we have been supporting.


With almost 500 signatures already we are hoping to really make a difference making his last few months a lot easier.

Andy's Battle | Hydro Cleansing

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If you're tuned into ITV Meridian News later keep an eye out for more news coverage of Andy's story.


Also be sure to visit the new dedicated website to learn more or simply show your support at andysfightagainstcancer.com



Vacancies | Hydro Cleansing

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Here you will find our latest job vacancies. Currently looking for a Graphic Web Designer and a Quantity Surveyor, among many others.


Call Jennifer on 020 8689 3339 or email jobs@hydro-cleansing.com

CCTV Drainage Surveys

CCTV Drainage Surveys | Hydro Cleansing

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Because drains are invariably hidden from sight, it makes them extremely inaccessible without causing major disruption, cost and complications. However, with our state of the art technology, our WinCan CCTV camera surveys allow us to identify blockages and assess the condition of drains and sewers.

CCTV Drainage Surveys | Hydro Cleansing

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We operate one of the largest fleets of CCTV vans in the South. Our high performance systems each have HD colour cameras, enabling engineers to easily identify objects causing blockages and are able to survey pipe sizes between 50mm and 300mm in diameter and operate to distances of 500m in a single setup.

Jet Vac Tankers

Jet Vac Tankers | Hydro Cleansing

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Our Jet Vac units have the primary function of a bulk tanker collecting, transporting and disposing liquid waste from sites. However, they also include a high pressure jetting unit which means that at every site, they have multi-purpose capabilities.

If you require any further information about our services or you simply wish to learn more about Hydro Cleansing visit our website or call us now on: 0808 256 8074

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