What are Fatbergs?

Fatbergs are becoming an increasingly common problem affecting the UK's sewer networks. Fatbergs are collections of fatty food waste, grease and wet wipes which can potentially grow to the size of a Boeing 747. They are caused by oil, grease and fat being poured down sinks, where they congeal and stick to sewer walls. Once this build up has occurred, other waste that enters the sewer can often stick to the fat, causing a 'snowball effect' and gradually increasing the size of the Fatberg.

What Damage Can Be Caused?

During periods of heavy rainfall, Fatbergs can cause our sewer network to become overwhelmed which can lead to the flooding of foul sewage waste.  This can cause serious disruption to the surrounding area, as well as damaging the infrastructure.  It can also cause regular blockages to both domestic and commercial drainage in close proximity to the build-up.


Wet wipes are the most common sanitary product to attach itself to collections of fat and grease so it is important to refrain from flushing them down the toilet when possible.  Grease and fat traps offer the easiest solution to preventing the occurrence of Fatbergs by preventing grease and fat from entering the sewer system.


Once they have grown to a substantial size, Fatbergs can prove to be extremely hard to remove.  Hydro Cleansing's powerful super combination tankers jet at 4,000psi, allowing us to break down the build-up which is then sucked back to the high capacity tanker.  Megatron's on board recycling system allows us to filter out water which can then be re-used for jetting, meaning we can stay on site for longer periods of time.